Boys room update, before pics and plans

Boys room update, before pics and plans

My children were sharing a bedroom until fairly recently. Sharing had always gone really well, the main issue was that my son usually woke up earlier and sometimes woke my daughter up too. And she does not cope well with lack of sleep! We have a downstairs playroom so there was enough space to have a separate games area. Playdates caused the occasional drama when both parties wanted one the rooms just for themselves. Usually the same one, obviously.

boys room update - before bedroom
This is how their bedroom looked when we first moved in..quite a bold colour!

My daughter decided last year that she wanted her own room. Most of her friends already had one and she wanted a more girly room than the one she shared with her brother. We spent many happy moments looking around Pinterest for inspiration and she’s been really happy with her new big girl room! More about that in another post as today it’s all about boys rooms.

Current design situation

When his little sister moved out, my 9-year old was left in the room they had shared for over 5 years. He seemed quite indifferent about this big change at first, but really likes having his own room now. He loves to go to his room, close the door, listen to the radio and play with lego or read a comic book.

boys room update before pics and plans
Room currently

The plan was to firstly do up my daughters room, and then update my son’s room. The current design is pretty plain. It was the last room we did up, and when the children were younger they preferred to play in the downstairs playroom anyway, their bedroom was just for sleeping and storing clothes. So it got the minimum design effort really, we just wanted it done. Plain carpet, plain white beds, built-in wardrobe and that’s about it. Nothing orange!

Big boys room design

Here is my moodboard for transforming the room from shared kids bedroom to a more suitable room for a (nearly) 10-year old. As my son loves reading I’m thinking of getting both a bed with storage shelves (4.) and potentially a bookcase too (6.). Current wallpaper wall is either going to be replaced with a world map mural, or I’ll paint it and buy him a big map print. I think a desk (8.) would be nice, but not sure how much use it would get.  There is already one in the downstairs playroom which seems to be a handy place to pile up all sorts of stuff…

boys room update and before pics


  1. World map mural: similar here 
  2. Cloud cushion: here 
  3. Chest of drawers: here  
  4. Bed: here  
  5. White cotton bed linen: here 
  6. Bookcase: here 
  7. Star lamp: here 
  8. Desk: here
  9. Rug: here


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