Friday favourites

Friday favourites

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for Friday favourites. Overall category winner is obviously spring. Is it just me or did the winter feel really long this year? It might still be freezing cold and hailing every other day, but there are blooms and light and hope for warmer weather.

I have been slacking

Favourite holiday

Ok, ok I don’t usually have two holidays in one month, but this Easter was an exception. We went to Finland for a quick visit. Spent time with family and friends. Children got spoiled by grandparents and I had lots of lie ins and sauna every night. Very relaxing!

Favourite meal

My favourite sushi restaurant in Helsinki is Sushibar+wine. Beautiful decor and fantastic food. I could live on grilled shake nigiris. No picture of them as have no time for photos when the food arrives.

friday favourites sushibar

Favourite view

Was from Clarion hotel’s sky bar. Magnificent views across Helsinki. Perfect place for watching sun set with a gin and tonic.

friday favourites

friday favourites g&t

Favourite cosmetic product

I bought myself a new lipstick from the airport, pink pop by Bobbi Brown. Lovely raspberry pink, it brightens up my whole winter pale face. I’m quite a lazy makeup user but lipsticks are an easy way to add colour.

friday favourites bobbi brown

Favourite TV-programme

We have been watching Mad Men for the second time around. It’s as good as it was the first time around. Stylish, witty and funny. And sad too.

Friday favourites: mad men

photo from here

I have to list out another Tv-programme too. Norwegian teen drama SKAM has been a massive hit across the Nordic countries. I watched two seasons whilst I was in Finland and it brought back lots of memories from my own high school times… Technology stuff might have moved forward by leaps and bounds since my time, but teenagers are ultimately still the same.

Friday favourites: skam

photo from here

Favourite project

We bought a little red cottage in Finland a year ago. It’s cute, small and needs lots of work before we can actually stay there. But it’s ours and we’ll get there one day!

friday favourites cottage

Favourite job done- moment(s)

I couldn’t choose just one so this is a tie between planning dinner menu for the next few weeks, batch cooking and freezing stuff so I have healthy&quick lunch option available. I have been slacking lately with both so this is a massive improvement. Quick, easy and healthy midweek dinner ideas are on my posting list too!

friday favourites

Favourite interior of the week

So beautiful! That palm tree is just incredible. Is it really growing from that little vase or is it faux palm?

Favourite interior of the week

photo from here

More favourites coming up in two weeks time!