Low budget spring updates for home


Spring is definitely here. Cherry blossoms, daffodils and light green new leaves everywhere. I’ve talked about my favourite interior trends of the season previously here.

We have had full range of the temperamental April weather for the last few days. Sunny and warm and then freezing cold and rain the next moment. But lighter and warmer than it was a month ago anyway. Time to bring spring indoors too!

spring updates for home

You don’t have to make big, expensive changes to get your home ready for spring. In fact, I don’t usually do any big seasonal changes in my house as we are usually away for Christmas, summer and Easter. I do however like to change things around a little in spring- and autumn time. I’ve started my spring updates project already with these easy and low budget updates to spring-up my home:

cheap home updates

Change cushion covers and other textiles

Moved my thicker, woolly throws and knitted blankets to be stored away for the next 6 months. I also changed knitted cushion covers, and darker colours for lighter materials and colours. Love light pink velvet and fresh but subtle minty greens for this season. Cushion covers are the easiest and usually the cheapest way to update your home.

bedroom designs

Spring window clean

I get my windows cleaned from the outside approximately every 2-3 months. April light usually reminds me to get them cleaned inside too. The whole house looks so much brighter afterwards.

modern kitchen


Springtime always inspires me to recycle unwanted stuff too. Piles of old magazines that I never got around to reading again despite my best intentions. Those chipped coffee mugs I though might be great for crafting purposes. Any clothing with holes or permanent staines on. Uncomfortable shoes that I never want to wear. Those pretty but unpractical things that don’t serve any purpose. About 90% of my kids artwork. I mean there is just way too much!

hydrangea flower

Store away winter clothes

My hallway is pretty compact and has never enough storage. Winter clothes and shoes take up so much space so storing away to be ready for next winter. This saves so much space in our hallway. Not to mention how much better spring jackets and shoes look after long winter in puffy clothing.

interior styling assistant
Ebba prefers wool blankets


Get some fresh flowers! If you are lucky enough to have a garden, get some cuttings from there. I love magnolia and fig branches, but humble ivy looks lovely in a vase too.

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