10 most inspiring things at the moment

These are the things I find most inspiring right now:

  • Spring. It’s still cold but I have packed winter coats and boots away for the next six months. It’s so nice to be wearing jackets and pumps for a change.
  • Recycling. Spring is also the perfect time to get declutter and recycle things. I’ve just given a bag full of children’s shoes and clothes to charity.
  • Flower bouquets. Love fresh flowers in the house.
  • Painting. I have been getting back into dear, old hobby. I find painting so relaxing.
  • Gardening. I’m such a bad gardener, but there is something about spring that makes me want to visit garden centres weekly and learn all about gardening. Then comes June and I lose all interest.

10 most inspiring things at the moment

  • Comfort zone. Or more like getting out of it really. It was my new year’s resolution too. So painful and good for you at the same time!
  • Spring shoes. They deserve to be mentioned again!
  • Pinterest. I have been finding lots of inspiring things in there lately. I want to add (even) more vegetables into our diet. Maybe add more vegan meals too.
  • Summer house. We bought a little summer cottage (got mentioned here recently), and lately, I have been spending lots of time thinking about space maximising layouts, vintage furniture and muted pastel colours.
  • Traveling. We have booked family holiday to Bali for October-November time, and are going to Finland in the summer, but I’m already planning next years trips.
  • Hot yoga. I have been really enjoying getting back to it after the studio was closed for months. Perfect way to warm up whilst English spring weather is staying cold.



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