7 Beauty Pie skincare favourites!

beauty pie skincare staples I won’t be without…

I found Beauty Pie last year, and it has quickly become one of my favourite skincare and cosmetic brands since. It’s a beauty products Buyers’ Club and as a member, you can buy great quality products with small price tags. As a someone who loves makeup and cosmetics & a bargain, it’s the perfect combination for me!

Each membership has a corresponding monthly spending limit, based on typical prices. I started off with a £10/month membership, topped it up to £30/month as was buying things for my mum as well. As I’m currently on a cosmetic products shopping ban I’ve downgraded back to £10/month membership. If you sign up using my referral link, you’ll get your first month membership free. A great way try out if it’s for you!

I’ve recommended Beauty Pie to all my friends and have tried out a lot of their products. So I thought I’ll share my favourites with you.

the best beauty pie skincare products

My skin is currently normal, which is the most beautiful word after struggling with various issues for years (skin care routine that sorted it out requires another post!). It can be a little sensitive, more dry than oily. My skin tone is little uneven and I’m quite prone for getting age spots so I’m trying to be super careful with suncream.

My favourite skincare:

Sleep skin oil This is my BFF really, it’s been with me through thick and thin. I’ve used so, so many bottles of this I really think I should have some sort of family-sized dispenser in my house!
I used it after cleaning my face in the evenings, and also mix a few drops to my daytime cream id my skin is feeling dry. I’ll never be without it!

Multi-acid micropeeling pads as my skin is rather sensitive, I’ve never been able to use most of peeling products without risking it turning an angry red mess. Or the ones I could use also seemed to do nothing. These peeling pads are an exception – gentle enough to my skin but I can still see and feel the difference as my skin is left more smooth and glowing after using these.

High dose retinol Love at first application! I started with this retinol serum first, and recently moved to the higher dose. I use this serum every evening and my skin loves it. It feels nourishing, and I really think it does wonders for my uneven skin tone.

Ultralight face sunblock this is the best face sunscreen I’ve ever used – it’s perfectly thin & light and works so well under makeup. The only downside is that it’s only SPF 25 so I use my usual SPF 50 during summer months.

Qi sleep mask I do love a good mask, and this gem is a bit of a miracle worker for dry complexions! I use it as a normal mask, or if my skin is feeling dry also overnight.

Hyaluronic sheet mask it does make me look like a serial killer, but the end results are worth scaring my kids. This is usually my weekend pampering treat.

Vitamin C moisturizer My current favourite Beauty Pie moisturiser, this is the hit of hydration my skincare routine needs. I use it every morning as the final step in my routine. I also add a little extra vitamin C powder I get from Amazon.

So there we have it, my seven Beauty Pie skincare favourites!


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