Favourite interiors of the week and other good things

Happy Friday! Time to list out the best things from the last couple of weeks. Previous Friday Favourite posts can be found here.

Favourite season (of the year!)

Autumn. My favourite time of the year. Especially cold and crisp but sunny autumn mornings. Somehow autumn has always meant a fresh start for me and I’ve probably made more September promises than new year promises in my life. This years September promise is that I want to learn something new, or expand my knowledge of a subject. Psychology maybe?

cosy nook with fireplace

Favourite holiday destination of the week

The countdown has started for our Bali trip. I’ve bought sun creams and – tops, just need to find where our snorkels and masks are now. We are so looking forward to this trip!

There has been two dark clouds on our sunny holiday sky though.. The first one is that there is a global shortage of the Hepatitis A vaccine. We have all had Typhoid jabs, and my husband and I had tetanus boosters too.

And there is the volcano Mount Agung. A volcano that has been showing signs of activity after being dormant since a catastrophic eruption in 1963. There has been volcanic earthquakes and puffs of steam, but nothing else so far. So we might not be going at all. Or we’ll get there and not be able to come home.

balinese hotel bathroom

Favourite TV-program of the week

After we finished watching Game of Thrones there has been nothing else that we have enjoyed watching. We tried Vikings and Dr Foster and did not get into either. Most disappointing. Until we happened to watch Socially inept Miranda who always gets into awkward situations. Such fun as her mother would say. It’s witty, clever, silly and sweet. And Miranda’s such refreshingly different leading lady.

miranda tv show

Favourite interiors of the week

These spaces make heart beat a little faster:

Beautiful bedroom with pink details

monochrome bedroom

white and minimal living room

feminine pink living room

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