9 summer dresses for under £100

summer dresses

I do love summer dresses. On my spring style haul video I had a couple of dresses that have been getting a lot of use already, but I would like to get a couple new ones for the summer. They make dressing up so easy as there are far less combinations than when wearing a skirt and a top separately! I do prefer more casual style dresses as I definitely do get more use out of them. I have just a few rules for a perfect dress, very similar to any of my style choices really:

  • It needs to be comfortable
  • I prefer natural materials, or viscose which I guess is classified as semi-synthethic material
  • I usually wear very little patterns and prefer subtle colours, but happy to make an exception when it comes to a summer dress!

While the title of this blog post may say under £100, the majority of the styles here are actually less than £50. So fairly affordable! Which one these dresses under £100 is your favourite? I think the white broderie anglaise dress and the green midi-dress are at the top of my wish list. Let me know your picks in the comments below!

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