9 things about me

I shared some of these 9 things about me over Instagram a few months ago. I though it would fun to have them over here too! I’m not sure if I’ve ever introduced myself here before so so it’s probably a high time to share a few things. I have a post about 15 thing you probably don’t know about me, if you want to have a look :).

SHnordic's big floor to ceiling kitchen open display shelving
my kitchen display shelving

9 things about me: Family

My name is Susanna and I live in Bath with Mr Nordic and our two children. We also have a beautiful, even if a little dim, cat Ebba, who’s been with us for 4 years now. She’s a British Shorthair cat, and not especially friendly with us. I’m originally from Finland but have lived in the UK for more than a decade. We try to go back to visit friends and family a couple of times of the year. A couple of years ago we bought our own little Nordic summer cottage couple of years ago. We are currently still renovating it, as we weren’t able to move it forward at all in 2020.

We initially lived in London, and then west from London before moving to Bath. Mr Nordic and I had our honeymoon in Bath. I think that’s when I decided I would love to live here one day. Mr Nordic wasn’t keen on the idea of moving initially, so it took me almost two years to convince him. Now he loves living in Bath as much as I do so it was definitely worth it.

taking a break

Our new house

The house we now live in is the first and only house we saw in Bath. We came to see it, fell in love, put in an offer, had it accepted and then lost it 12 hours later. That was heartbreaking and we were so upset. Lucky for us, the sale fell through a few months later and we took a second change. This time we were successful and the house was officially ours a few months later!

I absolutely loved our old house (you can see our living room here and old kitchen here) but it was so exciting to have a new project to plan.

We moved in to the new house, made a long wish list for our architects and applied for a planning permission within a couple of months. We designed our new kitchen whilst waiting, spoke to builders and tried to get all ready for the renovation started. Planning permission was approved 9 months after moving in, and we spend the next few months getting quotes from builders.

It took us over 10 months of renovating and have now lived here for 8 months. It’s still a working progress!

our new ensuite bathroom

How I got here

Although I talk a lot about decor and renovating, my background is actually in science and research. I left my corporate job as combining it with family life became too tricky. Long days and commuting took most part of the day. I felt like I was constantly missing out on important things in my kids lives.

I did a photography course & started sharing pics of my house on instagram. My business name came from my private instagram account. I wanted to have an insta name without numbers, but felt like all the names I could think of were already taken. So I used my initials and added Nordic, as my heritage is a big part of me.

In the beginning sharing anything over instagram felt very awkward as I’m both private and quite introverted person. But I’ve always enjoyed a challenge & learning new things. Soon it got easier and then I started to really enjoy it. I set up my blog and soon after SHnordic became my full-time, flexible job. 

working from home

What you’ll find here

I started off by just sharing corners of my previous house, but about two years ago that got a little boring so I started including more lifestyle content on my instagram feed too.

These days my content is more varied. A little bit of our family life, DIY projects and room reveals, my favourite beauty products & routines, travel and maybe a few favourite recipes:).

I’ve also rekindled my first love for fashion so there will be more style content as it’s really fun for me. My dress sense is similar to my house, I like neutral & light colours. Simple, casual & Scandi style are my thing, and affordable price tags! I’m forever on a lookout for amazing products (home decor, style & beauty), so make sure to sign up for my newsletter if want to be first one to hear about them 🙂

9 things about me
I also love flowers

9 (random) things about me

  • I’m fascinating by cave diving and climbing Mount Everest and love reading stories and articles on both topics. Both also absolutely terrify me and I have no interest ever try either!
  • I’m allergic to shellfish
  • Highlight of my acting career: I was one half of a donkey in a school play in year 7. Guess which half?!?!?!
  • Both my kids have Finnish first names and English last names. They’ll be forever spelling their names no matter where they are.
  • I’m scared of heights and ants. I had a neutral relationship with ants until I watched an episode of Macgyver where a horde of killer ants destroyed everything in its path. It was absolutely terrifying. I don’t remember how old I was, but I still get all stressed out if there are lots of ants around!


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  1. 2.16.21

    Nice to meet you Susanna, another Finn in the blogging world. Love the look of your new renovated house. I used to live in Hampton UK with my englis boyfriend (now husband) and I loved the life there though we never saw snow.

    • 2.20.21
      SHnordic said:

      Ah how lovely to meet you too! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. 2.20.21
    Raquel said:

    I remember that episode of McGyver! It was one of the 1st episodes I watched as a kid and is seared into my brain forever!

    • 2.20.21
      SHnordic said:

      Absolutely terrifying, wasn’t it! Can’t believe my parents let me watch it 🙂

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