Hello, I’m Susanna

A stylist, photographer, content creator & online educator who loves few things more than a slow Sunday with my family, coffee, painting and loud laughter. I believe saying yes to things that scare me makes me a happier person and less scared of making mistakes. I live in Bath, UK with my husband (aka Mr Nordic), our two children, our cocker spaniel puppy Laila and Ebba, our beautiful and very grumpy grey cat.

My blog name by shnordic came from my instagram handle shnordic, and it’s actually just my initials plus Nordic, as I’m originally from Scandinavia. Not especially original or thoughtful, I only chose it as I wanted to have a simple handle with no numbers in the name.

The fact that you’re here means you’re probably feeling the same way I did seven years ago: stuck in a career that doesn’t fulfill you, overwhelmed by the thought of creating a profitable business from scratch, and unsure of how to balance work with family life.

I started my photography, content creation and online education business with 128 instagram followers and zero marketing skills. Fast forward to today and I run a successful online business (with over 1.3M followers across my channels), helping aspiring online entrepreneurs around the world to build profitable, scalable businesses and sustainably grow their accounts.

But back then, I was a scientist, working in pharmaceutical research.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s a long way from pharmaceutical research to coaching entrepreneurs on how to build their profitable business. Not a transition many would expect. So, you might be wondering how I got from there to here.

I left my 9-5 corporate job in pharma not because I hated it, but because I wanted more – more creativity, more freedom, and more time with my family. I was tired of the endless meetings, how unchallenged but overworked I often felt and the lack of control over my time.

I started my business when I had just turned 40 (my version of a midlife crisis :), without knowing any digital business owners and nobody expected it to succeed. I definitely didn’t get where I am now overnight – but after a lot of trial and error, I found my path. I feel fulfilled by my work—something I’d rarely experienced in my regular job and have control over my time whilst earning more than I did before.

Now, I help creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, and coaches ditch overwhelm, increase their Insta reach & growth, make more money, and create a business that supports their dream life. My goal is to inspire you and show you that anything is possible. If you can dream it, I can help you in bringing it to life.