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I like to keep my skincare routines simple these days. My twenties were spending on battling with dry, sensitive and overall problematic skin. I used a ton of different products which probably just made my itchy & sensitive skin even worse.

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A few years ago I had a big revelation that completely transformed my skin. I cut back on my skincare products and swapped my makeup removal products to oil. My skin has not been dry or sensitive ever since, not even during harsh winter months. I would actually describe my skin normal these days! I’m just so happy to have found a skincare routine that works for my skin, and I do like to keep things simple! Anything too complicated or time consuming, and it’s just not sustainable as part of my daily routine.

Having said that, I do love trying out and testing new products! I’m sharing some of my favourites right now, as well as what products I’m planning to use next. These are all products that work for me. Not all these products will work for everyone, but they have definitely made the most impact for me. As I mentioned, I have normal to dry skin, that used to be easily irritated and sensitive.

When I research information about new products I’d like to try out, I often read reviews on Cult Beauty. It has a lot of useful information, and I like to be well informed about new products I consider purchasing.

What kind of cleanser?

Washing my face at night used to my least favourite part of my skincare. I found that rinsing with water agitated my sensitive skin and it was really prone to getting itchy hives. It wasn’t until I read about oil cleansers & micellar water that transformed my skin. I’m currently on a mission to use up an old oil cleanser. I just apply it to my face, massage for a few minutes until the makeup dissolves, then rinse with micellar water. I’m using this electronic facial cleaning brush (pr product) for massaging as I find it so relaxing! My skin feels hydrated afterwards as opposed to feeling stripped from previous cleansing routines. Once I have finished the current cleaner, I have Caudalie cleaning oil and The Ordinary cleansers on my wish list. I like using this Simple Micellar water to finish off to make sure all the makeup is removed.

Are serums needed in skincare?

I have tried a lot of serums, but I’ll just mention a few of my favourites today. I’ve been using Beauty Pie‘s retinol and various others for a good few years now. I recently started using a stronger retinol cream that my beautician prescribed for me. I’m not sure of the results yet so I’ll have to write an update later. This Barbara Strum serum is on my wish list and I hope to add that my routine soon.

Body skincare

I become a bit lazy in winter when it comes to my body products… which isn’t great as it’s probably when my skin needs the nourishment the most! I was recently sent a selection of Neom Organics products as a PR gift –bath foam, body butter and a gorgeous daytime face oil and I absolutely love them. they feel and look so luxurious too.

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Favorite moisturiser

Right now I’m loving the Glossybox 3-in-1 Moisturiser. This came to me with the Glossybox advent calendar (pr product), and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I love how well it works under makeup. My skin feels so hydrated, the cream is lightweight and it leaves my skin perfectly prepped for foundation.

I always use SPF on top of my moisturiser too, I have a couple of different ones but have been mainly using Beauty Pies SPF50 or SPF25 creams and really like both of them. The formula is thin, non-greasy and it works well under makeup.

I don’t use nighttime moisturiser at all. After cleaning, I use the retinol serum or one of these little superactive capsules and finish off with a face oil. I love the Beauty Pie’s Sleep oil, but recently have been using just a plain jojoba oil as my usual was out of stock. It works just as well really!

What are your skincare staples? Have you tried any of these?

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