Beauty Pie haul – restocking my favourites

It has been a while since my previous order and few of my favourite Beauty Pie products were running low so I did a haul! For those that are unfamiliar with Beauty Pie, it is a members club where you pay a monthly fee (from £5/month) which gives you access to shop their products at a discounted rate – the rate that products cost rather than what other high end brands would market as. You can find more about the process & how to join on here.

I have been gifted products in the past, but I do also shop there regularly and all these products were paid by myself.

You can find all my favourite Beauty Pie skincare products from this post.

What was on my Beauty Pie order?


I can’t live without the super retinol serum anymore, so I got two tubes. I also buy this to my mum as they don’t deliver where she lives. This and the sleep oil are probably my two all time faves from Beauty Pie.

I also wanted to try out Beauty Pie capsules -I love the idea of anything like this! I chose two different ones, Superactive resveratrol capsules and essential ceramides capsules. I’ve tried both and I think so far the resveratrol capsules are my favourites, I prefer the consistency and they also smell amazing!

I also got more Hualuronic sheet facemasks – they do make me look like character from a horror movie whilst I have it on but the end results are so worth it, moisturised, supple and soft skin. Japanfusion cleanser and moisturising mask (I do love a facemask) are both faves too. I was also hoping to get more glycolic acid & multifruit AHA’s toner, but it was out of stock (it’s back in stock now here!).


More mascaras! I love the Beauty Pie mascaras as they don’t make my eyes itch like so many other mascaras. I bought two uber volume boosting mascaras, easy apply, good brush, an overall brilliant product.

Fresh glow makeup setting spray is absolutely brilliant. I have had several of them and I prefer it over my previous favourite, Urban Decay’s All night setting spray. The UD’s spray is stronger, but the BP version feels lighter and more flexible somehow. If you are after a hardcore setting spray, I would go with the Urban Decay’s All night setting spray.

I also love love love the sheer tinted moisturizer. Mine is in shade medium and I always mix it with my foundation (Shiseido Synchro skin) to get that dewy finish with enough coverage but not too thick. You can read more about my makeup essentials in this post (spoiler alert: it’s all about skin!). I have also tried the pro-glow strobing drops, but that’s too shiny product for me, even when mixed with foundation.

I also decided to try out Beauty Pie’s self tanning mousse, in the darker shade of the two options. The product reviews convinced me that this was easy to apply, with neutral smell and wouldn’t leave streaks easily. I tried this two days ago and i can confirm that all the above are true! I couldn’t even find my tanning mitt (makes the job so much easier) so I just used hands, but there are no streaks in my legs. Although I had the darker shade, the results are natural looking and not orange at all. Big thumbs up, great product!

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  1. 10.21.20

    I am Lumene kind of girl I have to say. The longer I have lived away from Finland the more I have come to realize the products they offer and are so pure and kind to your skin. The Australian summer and sun can be bad to your skin hence we need to take care of it even more living the bach life.

    • 10.29.20
      SHnordic said:

      Ah yes, the Australian sun must be quite harsh on your skin! Glad to hear you’ve found great products for your skin x

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