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in partnership with Woodpecker

One of the questions I get most frequently asked over instagram is about our flooring. I knew from the start that I wanted light wood flooring throughout but I didn’t want it to be too whitewashed wood. As soon as I saw these simple mid-width boards I knew they would make a better backdrop for our open plan home. The floors are from Woodpecker, from their Salcombe Seashore engineered wood. Woodpecker send me a series of questions about our house project and I thought it would be fun to share it here as well!

How did you hear about Woodpecker and why did you chose Woodpecker over other brands?

From instagram! I really liked the look of their flooring. We went to visit their showroom near Cardiff and found the perfect match for my flooring vision.

-The floor style chosen

Woodpecker Salcombe Seashore engineered wood which we used throughout the house expect in the bathrooms

-The process of choosing your floor – what was the deciding factor and how long did it take you to chose?

I knew I wanted light wood flooring but I didn’t want to have flooring that was too whitewashed. Originally I had planned having herringbone parquet but in the end decided that the simple mid-width boards would make a better backdrop for our open plan home.

-Type of project was it full/part renovation? Did anything not go to plan or change?

Full! We knocked through most of the internal walls, some ceilings to get taller rooms, added new windows, sliding doors and a new floor where our bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and my studio are located. We lived in the house for a year before the works started so had plenty of time to plan the layouts. The renovation itself was mainly smooth sailing, apart from the Covid19 and a dodgy initial window supplier which slowed us down a few months.

-What inspires you? Do you have a design process, if so, how do you approach it?

I love natural light, must be side effect of my Nordic childhood as the winters are long and dark. So I’m all about maximising natural light, I like items and furniture with simple and clean lines, muted & light colour palette and where possible having natural materials and adding texture for interest. I also like adding black accents as I like the way it adds structure to an interior

-Your thoughts and experience on using Woodpecker

It was pleasant from start to finish. Really helpful and knowledgable customer service and when we had leftover boards after the renovation, they arranged a pick-up so we could return what we didn’t need.

-Would you recommend the brand and are you happy with the floor

I would highly recommend! We absolutely love the flooring, it’s just so beautiful. It has been easy to maintain as it has lacquered finish (without the excessive sheen).

-Your thoughts on the finished project

We absolutely love our house and couldn’t be happier with the end results. The light flooring is the perfect choice for our house project. It works as the perfect neutral backdrop!

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