Farrow & Ball Colour consultation

in partnership with Farrow and Ball.

Choosing the paint colours for your home is both exciting and overwhelming. If you, like I, have renovated or built a whole house it’s even more overwhelming as you need to be making decisions about your paint colours when your house is still a building site. And you need to make decisions for multiple rooms!

After months of renovating I was so excited to finally get to the fun part so I started the paint choosing process early on. I was also trying to avoid the situation I had in my old house – where I couldn’t choose so most of the rooms were painted with plain white. I did go around and chose colours later, but this time I wanted to get the paint colours right the first time.

You can see a little sneak peek of the colours I chose in here!

Having used Farrow and Ball paints in my previous house and loving their colour selection, I was quick to say yes when they offered me the colour consultation service as part of our collaboration. Although I have a good idea what colours I like and what works well together, choosing colours for the whole house felt daunting. What might suit a north-facing room may not work in a south-facing space, what looks good on the chart looks different on the wall, while matching colour schemes to furniture can feel like an overwhelming and never-ending task. Luckily help was on it’s way!

From in-house to online colour consultation

Just a few weeks after I had initially booked my Farrow and ball colour consultation, the COVID19 pandemic happened. We had to press pause as businesses were closing their doors and social distancing became the new norm. Luckily Farrow and Ball were quick on their feet and launched an online version of the colour consultancy. Traditionally the Farrow and Ball colour consultancy is a service where a trained colour experts come to your home. The bespoke design service is aiming to help you decide on colours for up to four rooms in your home. The online colour consultancy offers you the same service via video call, it worked brilliantly!

I wanted my colour consultant Kat to help me to get a cohesive feel through the whole house. As this was more than 4 rooms, I had two separate video calls where I took her around each room with my phone. I had filled in an online questionnaire answering questions of room aspects, my favourite colours and particular dislikes, function of the room etc. It was a useful exercise as it really got me thinking about when and how we plan to use each room.

What feels like home

I’ve always been more drawn to a lighter colour palette, both in my wardrobe and home decor. It’s not that I don’t like dark, bold colours and I love to see homes that have been decorated with that style. But when I imagine living in my dream house that feels like my home, I always imagine it as light and neutral. I think the most important thing when choosing colours for your home is how that colour makes you feel. Does it feel like home?

I had spent weeks and months looking up colour schemes for our new kitchen. If you follow me on instagram, you probably know that I had a white modern kitchen in my old house, which I loved. This time I was determined to have a completely different kitchen – otherwise it would have felt like a missed opportunity! It was really useful to have a chat about my options for the kitchen colours with the colour consultant, and her recommendations for complementing colours. The kitchen cabinets we chose are more traditional compared to the previous house and although it took a long while, I’m so happy with the colours I’ve chosen for the kitchen and rest of the house. Can’t wait to share when it’s all done!

Colour consultation means working in collaboration

There is no need to worry about consultants forcing their ideas on you. It’ll be about your personal taste and lifestyle and the aim of the colour consultancy is to achieve your dream home. It’s just the consultant’s job to ensure you’ve taken everything into account – architecture, lighting and how you plan to use the room. With the service providing a complete run-through for four separate rooms, a colour consultant takes all the stress out of the process, while also leaving you with a holistic approach to the entire design. After the consultation, you’ll then get a written specification which you can share with your decorator.

What to Expect

1. Your online consultation will begin with a pre-appointment questionnaire so they can find out a little about your project. You’ll be sent colour cards and a colour fan so you can see the colours in your rooms.

2. During your appointment, your Consultant will talk to you about the look you are hoping to achieve. They will then help you with up to four rooms, considering the light, architecture and how you like to use the rooms, as well as any inspiration you have gathered.

3. Your Consultant will take you through suggested schemes to help you choose a look you love, in the colours and finishes that work for your home.

4. Following your consultation, you will be sent a specification listing the chosen colours, designs and finishes of your scheme.

You can book your colour consultation here.