Five good things for April

It seemed like a good time to write up a post about good things, as I’m still trying to get my head around these strange last few weeks. I’ve found that the best way to cope with times like these is sticking to a normal routine and concentrating on positive things in my life.

I wake up my usual time (ok, a it’s been a little later most days :), have breakfast, get my children settled into some sort of home learning and then get some work done myself. My kids are both usually good and just get on with things. So it’s not hard, but there definitely is more disruptions than before! We then work until lunchtime, with breaks in-between. In the afternoons we normally go for a walk in the fields and woods behind our flat. Then kids have facetime calls with their friends or grandparents whilst we sort out dinner and try to do a bit more work.

I also think it’s really important to not put too much pressure on yourself at the moment. The uncertainty of it all will make a lot of us feel anxious and exhausted. So it’s ok to take it easy, and don’t feel pressure to achieve everything on your to do- list. Here’s what’s good with me at the moment…

Reading more books

Lockdown is the perfect time for snuggling down and getting through your book pile, escapism for the uncertain times. I’ve just finished reading “The night manager”. It wasn’t a bad book, but I also didn’t hugely enjoy reading it. I read mainly before bedtime, and I think this book would have more better to be read in bigger chunks rather than a few chapters per night.

I’m currently reading a book called The Foundling, a story set in Georgian London. I love historical novels (Wolf hall is one of my all time favourite books!) so I have high hopes for this to be more enjoyable than my previous read!

Outdoor family time

Afternoon walks are keeping us sane. We’re in lockdown in the UK at the moment, but we are allowed out for exercise once per day. Behind our flat there is a beautiful wood so we’ve been using post-lunch time to go for long walks with the kids. Kids will play, we read books or sometimes I call my friends. Spring is well on it’s way, and we’ve had the most amazing weather throughout the lockdown. It really helps us to feel better, and gives us a break from the small flat too.

New additions to my spring & summer wardrobe

When we moved out of our house to our temporary flat in November, I had to make quick decisions of what clothes to pack for the next 6-7 months. I did an OK job, but my current wardrobe is definitely very limited when it comes finding clothes for warmer days. As our moving back date will likely to be delayed, I decided some online retail therapy was in order. I’ve recently re-discovered Asos and Topshop, as well as my old favourite H&M Premium range and ordered a few things:

Hair scarves denim top white blouse beige/white dress pink blouse straw hat beige slip on trainers green paper-bag trousers white trousers midi skirt woven slingbacks pink flats.

On my watch list

We watched ‘Out of Africa’ on Netflix with the kids. I love that movie so much, it’s one of favourite films ever. Both children enjoyed too – it’s so fun to re-watch old classic with them now that they are older.

We also started watching The night manager, a few weeks after I finished reading the book. We are watching the final episode tonight and I can’t wait to watch it… even if I know how it finishes. I love a gripping drama like this, it’s a bit unbelievable at places, but perfect for taking my mind off from lockdown worries!

Our house project

Our project might not be progressing with leaps and bounds at the moment- but I’m so exited with what has been happening so far. I’m currently trying to decide how I would like my laundry / boot room to look like:

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