Friday favourites

Happy Friday! Time to recap and reminiscence all the good things that have happened recently. Here are my favourite things from the past (two) weeks.

tignes mountain view

Favourite holiday

Family skiing trip to Tignes, France. Hands down. We had great time despite a few setbacks (the usual kid sore lips and bruised legs but my poor sister-in-law had an broken arm and couldn’t ski at all), skiing is the best family holiday. Fun, active, fresh air and our children just love it. Tignes is great Easter ski destination, as it’s high and has lots of slopes to choose from. Not that I can really compare it as never been anywhere else in the Alps. Only downside is quite a long transfer from airport, but worth it.

grande motte

Favourite drink

Favourite drink was a coffee after lunch at the Panoramic restaurant on the Grande Motte glacier. Breathtaking views and super cute resident St Bernard dog. Not bad coffee either.

french alp restaurant

Favourite food

Favourite food is a dish from the Savoy region in the French Alps called Tartiflette. It is made with potatoes, reblochon cheese and bacon. It’s as heavy as it sounds but tastes heavenly after a long morning of skiing. A nap afterwards would have been ideal.

Another contestant for the best meal was the Pierre Chaude on our only dinner out. Cooking your own food (steak and vegetables) on a hot stone slab. Fun but a bit off a faff too when you happen to be sitting next to the cooking stone!

pierre chaude cooking

Favourite outfit

My skiing salopettes. A size too big maybe but so comfortable I could live on them.

Favourite quote

Overheard my 7-year old telling her brother: “I feel very poor for Jesus because he had to have prawns on his head”. Backseat Easter conversations at their best.

easter table setting

Favourite surprise

We found two tortoises wondering about in our garden. My kids were so excited about them. I thought that they were pulling a fast one on me as it’s not often you find tortoises in the English gardens. Turns out they had escaped from our neighbours garden and have now been safely returned back home.

escaped tortoise

Favourite cosmetic

Soltan kids face suncream stick. Makes applying the suncream that little bit less painful.

soltan suncream stick

Favourite TV program

Big little lies with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. Funny, clever and oh so addictive! Hoping to finish watching it this weekend. There is also a book.

big-little-lies image from here

Best nickname

Quasimodo. I’ve pulled a muscle on my neck and have been walking around with a warm grain bag under my jumper which according to my lovely husband makes me look like the famous hunchback of Notre Dame. Just what every girl wants to hear.

Best interior of the week

This colourful bedroom is making my heart to beat a little faster:

colourful bedroom

image from here



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