Good things from the month of May

Nearly halfway through 2020, and what a year it has been so far. It’ll stay in history, and unless things will vastly improve, not for the good reasons either. I’m however, determined to stay positive and believe that this will be a good month, rest of the year, decade despite the dodgy start. This is my list of all the good things from the month of May worth a mention at the moment.

Good things from the month of May: gadgets

I was kindly gifted these Edifier headphones. They’ve been brilliant, especially now that we’ve had the whole family trying to work and study in the small temporary flat we are in. The TWS1 earbud headphones come in a range of stylish colours. They have 8 hours of playback time, with an additional 24 hours using the compact charging case. TWS1 are wireless and ergonomically fit into the ear cavity, feeling comfortable and secure. They also have an IPX5 rating, meaning they are splash and sweat proof. My son has been especially taken by these and has been ‘borrowing’ them often!

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Move in back date!

This is the most exciting one of all the good things of May! After months of uncertainty and not knowing what was going to happen we now have a date for moving back. And it’s just few weeks away now! I’m so happy and grateful, we had an awful experience with our window supplier, but have found new one and they have been just brilliant helping with us to get the windows quickly. Have look how the house is looking, just weeks before we are due to move back!

Garden plans

I’m so excited to get back to our house and desperate to get some work done in our garden. I need to buy more plants and although getting our decking done isn’t in our budget, I’m hoping we can create some kind of budget friendly DIY version. I’ll write another post for more detailed plans for our outdoor living space!

What we’ve been watching in May

We’ve spend a lot time in the flat last month, so had plenty of time for movie & TV- nights in! We’ve watched Hollywood (see trailer below), Dead to me and Ricky Gervais’ After life. We have just started watching Little fires everywhere in Amazon prime, and it’s been great so far! Our family movie nights have been filled with Downton Abbey , and our kids and us are all really enjoying it!


End is on sight for my cosmetic shopping ban

Ok, this is probably something I should feel indifferent about, but I’m rather excited that my nearly a year long cosmetic product shopping ban (apart from replacing finished products) is coming to end. I’ve always been interested in new skincare, beauty and makeup products, which had resulted a fairly big collection of beauty products.

Last summer I decided that I needed to downsize my cosmetic product collection. I got so frustrated with my bad habit of always opening new products, even if I several others still waiting to be used. There is only so many shampoos, serums, hair products and body butters one needs open at the same time!

I also knew we would be moving out whilst renovating our house so I wanted to minimise the number of tubes and bottles I would have to pack by using up as many products beforehand. Then I just kept going with it when we moved to the flat and now I have a fraction of the products I had a year ago.

Good things of May: new for home

Dusk kindly gifted me a gorgeous parcel of beautiful products! I’m planning to swap our king size bed to a super king one when we move back to the new house as we have a fairly big bedroom. So I got a gorgeous new duvet in super king size, which we have already used. It’s lovely and so big that we don’t end up fighting over it during the night! We also have new pillows and beautiful set of white sheets, and this gorgeous chunky knit throw which you might have already spotted over instagram!

I was also gifted another gorgeous bedding set from Lune living, gorgeous blend of bamboo and silk! I also got a silk pillow slip, I’ve used it for a couple of nights and love it already!

Good things of May: new hair curling tools

Speaking of beautiful new things, I’ve been thoroughly spoiled with my blogger mail this month! Current Body kindly gifted me two sets of curling tongs and these have massively improved my hair curling process. As I’ve mentioned in my hair products post, I prefer my hair curled as it adds volume and texture. However, when we moved out to our temporary flat with minimal space available so I decided to put most of my curling tools to the storage. So it’s been so nice to be able to curl my hair again! I’m still getting used to using curlers again, but really loving both the singlepass curl and whirl trio with 3 different wands.

Step counter to encourage more walking

This simple activity tracker has been getting me out from the sofa for the past few days! I also have a fitbit one, but this one I got from Amazon recently does the job equally well, and it’s just fraction of the price!

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