Home cooked family meals made easy (in partnership with Gousto)

At some point, for me and many other families, cooking stopped being fun and became a chore. I enjoy creating delicious dishes, the inconvenient part is all the work that goes in before you get to the cooking stage. Choosing something to eat that everyone will enjoy, finding the right recipe, checking the ingredients and traveling to the supermarket to search for ingredients that you don’t have in the cupboard…

This is where Gousto comes in!

Gousto is a recipe box company that delivers precise ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards to your door, making it joyfully simple to to cook delicious meals from scratch. There are
up to 40 recipes to choose from every week – so something for everyone to enjoy.

They have recently added a new Everyday Favourites – ten of the UK’s best-loved family favourites with a delicious Gousto twist. From Simply Perfect Spag Bol to Extra Special Bangers n’ Mash, every recipe can be prepped in under 30 mins, has no artificial colours or flavourings and 2 of your 5 a day!

The instructions are broken down into eight easy-to-follow steps and as the ingredients are all pre-measured, the prep is really quick to do.

Both of my children enjoy cooking, and with Gousto’s easy step-by-step recipes I was able to have a (mainly) supervisory role!

Feel Good Fish n’ Chips and Spicy-as-you-like Chilli Con Carne have been the family favourites so far, we can’t wait to try out the rest of them! Get 60% off your first Gousto box and 30% off all other boxes in your first month with code SUSANNAGOUSTO.


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