House renovation diary weeks 4-5: new kitchen layout!

Our house been a building for over a month now and it’s time for another renovation update. The scaffolding went up two weeks ago, and it’s now fully covered too, ready for the roof to be taken out. The old cladding has been removed from that side of the house already.

house renovation


One side of the house (where the bedrooms are) have the window openings ready and waiting for our new windows to arrive in January! We are having simple black slim aluminium windows and sliding doors.


Nothing new to see this side of the house – the layout has been finished for a couple of weeks already. It has completely changed from how the layout was before and our architects managed to include everything from our initial house renovation wish list. The electrics and plumbing are in too, but those are more invisible kind of progress! There will be a new floor above this side of the house, hopefully in January. 


This is were the most action is visible this week – my new kitchen dining space.  Big walls are down and there is a temporary wooden structure to hold the roof up. There will be new windows and sliding doors in this space too but the openings haven’t been made yet. We are also getting three roof windows here so there will be a lot more light than before.

















Hallway and cloakroom

To finish up the reno tour, here is my hallway and future cloakroom WC. The new stairs will go up here, using the full width of this space. It’s not the biggest hallway, but as it’ll be high it’ll feel airy. The new cloakroom is much bigger than our old one and I have some grand design plans for it already! 🙂

**We were given PR discount on the windows

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