House renovation stories: moodboards for bathrooms

in partnership with Ca’ Pietra

I’m currently living through one of the hardest part of any renovation project. The waiting part. We moved in a few months ago, and have settled in really well. Most boxes are unpacked (couple are sitting in the garage and will probably stay there until the next move) and as much as we love the location, our new garden and Bath itself, now that the boxes are gone, there is no hiding how dated and unpractical the house itself is.

The current layout includes fairly small bedrooms and really big bathrooms, all with baths and separate showers. There is obviously nothing wrong with large bathrooms, but in our case it feels like they are taking up way too much bedroom space. When we put together a house wish list for our architects, sorting out the bedroom/bathroom layouts and sizes was high up on our priority list.

selection of tiles for bathrooms

As we will be knocking down all internal walls and starting with a blank canvas, on to the wish list was added that I would love to have en suite bathrooms for every bedroom we end up having. Like a little boutique hotel style. Smaller shower rooms for the kids rooms and the guest room, and a big swanky one for our master bedroom. We haven’t had any plans back from the architects yet, so I don’t know if it’s doable. But in any case I’ll have a quite a few bathrooms to design, which is the fun part!

moodboard making for bathroom

Moodboards for my new bathrooms

A great way to start any design process is to first find some inspiration. I have a couple of Pinterest boards dedicated to bathrooms & shower rooms and scrolling down beautiful images will give you ideas on what you like and what you don’t. Moodboards are then fantastic at visualising your ideas.

I selected my favourite tiles from Ca’ Pietra’s – and ended up with two big bags full of tile samples! I used them to make these bathroom moodboards as an inspiration for the upcoming renovation.

grey and pink bathroom moodboard
moodboard for grey and turquoise moodboard
Lily pad tile moodboard
penny tiles for bathroom
tile moodboard

Options are endless, but I love the Yoga penny tiles, Lily pad tiles and the Atlantis scallop tiles. At the moment I think I’m going to choose bolder colours and patterns in the kids ensuite shower rooms, and go for more neutral in the master ensuite. Ca’ Pietra does also have amazing cement basins which I would love to have in the master ensuite paired with a gorgeous brass tap & wooden vanity unit (budget allowing!).

Inspiration for my new bathrooms

Here are some gorgeous bathrooms I feel inspired by:

// This post was in partnership with Ca’ Pietra.


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