How to add cosiness to any space

I’ve always loved fireplaces, bonfires, fire pits, candles, anything with a real flame. It creates that special, hyggelig cosiness that really makes the space feel like home to me. I think my love for fires comes from my childhood when we often went for walks and trips where my parents would make a little bonfire and then we would all gather around it to have our picnic.

With my recent collaboration with Bouf,  curated online marketplace, I had a chance to choose something to try at home. The inspiration for Bouf was the iconic Spitalfields market in London. The aim was to transport that same creative Spitalfields energy, derived from sellers and makers, and they’ve become the UK’s favourite online marketplace. Bouf has a huge selection of beautiful gifts, art and homewares but as soon as I spotted this oil lamp I knew that was the product I wanted to try out!

It looked as beautiful in real life as it did in the photos, and didn’t give out too much heat. Not being too hot was great as the weather has been too warm recently to have the fireplaces on. This little oil lamp gives the same cosiness effect! I used the oil lamp for table setup for a recent dinner party, it made a great centrepiece for the table.

In collaboration with Bouf

How to add cosiness to any space How to add cosiness to any space


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