How to bring nature into your home?

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Invite nature into your home. Create a sanctuary that promotes wellness and calm by bringing the outdoors in. I love to feel a sense of nature in our house and so I wanted to share with you my favourite tips on how to achieve this look in your own home, using some simple methods. 

I am so lucky to live in a place where I am surrounded by nature, our large windows frame the greenery so beautifully but it hasn’t always been the case that we’ve had that. Fortunately, wherever you live, you can find ways to incorporate nature into your interior spaces and décor, even in the most urban of areas. 

Neutral and earthy tones

Start with a neutral palette such as beige, cream, taupe or soft whites on the walls. This evokes a sense of calm whilst complimenting warming natural materials such as wooden floors and accessories, so that they can take centre stage. 

Add in earthy accent tones to reflect nature with cushions, throws and rugs in greens, browns and terracotta shades.

Bring nature into your home with foliage and flowers

It may sound obvious but the absolute best way to evoke a sense of nature is to incorporate pots, baskets and vases filled with foliage and flowers. I like taking foliage cuttings from my garden and I’m a big fan of easy-to-care plants like Fiddle leaf figs, rubber plants and succulents as they prefer less frequent watering. Looking after plants can be tricky and time consuming, and cut flowers often don’t last very long. There are some amazing faux products on the market now. Ones that are carefully hand-painted to look incredibly real and authentic. 

Big stems of greenery can make a bold statement – try eucalyptus, a spray of magnolia or a large bunch of fabulous hydrangeas

Natural materials

Materials synonymous with the outdoors such as wood and stone will stand out as providing a warm grounding environment for the home. Expose the floorboards and let the wood do the talking. 

Rattan is a big favourite of mine, seen commonly in outdoor furniture, it is now a hugely popular trend for the indoors too. You can start small with handy accessories like weaved storage baskets. Stone effect vases, wooden planters and clay pots are a great way to bring natural materials into the home too. Choose large pots for a big statement.

Nature-inspired accessories

Use natural items or ones that are inspired by nature in your home. Using these elements will help to tie in your theme. Bohemian accessories like my driftwood macrame wall hanger work really well.

Coral, shells, drift wood and stones make beautiful ornaments and art pieces in your home, bringing the outdoors in.

Textured layers

Create a cosy layered look with throws and cushions in neutral, earthy tones and luxury natural textures. Alpaca wool is super soft, which makes for a great blanket on chilly nights. 

Contrast soft materials with more rustic textures like linen and thick cotton covered cushions. And, add rugs to wooden floors to cosy up a space. 

Atmospheric lighting

Candles provide natural light, less harsh and unnatural than electric lighting.  Group candles together for a lovely glow in a room. There is nothing cosier than this for winter or summer nights. 

Add wooden candle holders and rattan lanterns with simple cream candles for a cohesive, nature-inspired home. 

And, lastly, if you’re outdoors and you see something that inspires you, bring it in. Wild flowers, pinecones, stones and shells can all be picked up on holiday trips and woodland walks. These can provide lasting memories and touches of nature in your home. 

Layered Lounge

Layered Lounge believe that every home should be a haven. A beautiful place to retreat and relax. They promote the use of neutral warm tones and layering, with natural textures for depth and interest. Influenced by the coastal interiors of the United States to sleek Scandinavian design and relaxed Australian vibes. You can layer your home with their lovely natural textures in soothing neutral colour palettes – all with a harmonious and relaxed style. 

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