How to create a festive hallway for Christmas

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festive hallway

products from left: white vase, brown glasses, dried button grass, white tiered Christmas tree, paper snowflake, led pillar candle, white paper star, tall candle stick, brass display box, dried bunny tails and dried sorgho.

I’m excited for Christmas for so many reasons. It’s such a cosy season and a chance to spend quality time with my family. Plus I love all the Christmas traditions, making a gingerbread house, watching cheesy Christmas movies, drinking glögg and cosying up in our house with candles lit.

This year Christmas feels extra special as it’s the first one we’ll be spending in our newly renovated house. It is also the first year I have a beautiful hallway and staircase to make festive. We’ve never had a hallway that I could do this in so I’ve been really excited! When going over the details for this Christmas Layered Lounge campaign, I knew straightaway that I wanted to do festive styling for the hallway! I spent a few days gathering some ideas and inspiration on how I wanted it to look. Take a peak at some of the inspirational festive hallways and doorways below:

Layered Lounge

Layered Lounge is an independent interior business. Their style is a beautiful mixture of Modern Costal interiors, Scandinavian design and relaxed Australian vibes. All the products are carefully selected, have a timeless feel and great quality which makes mixing and matching, creating layers, so easy. There are lots of warm natural textures, soothing colour palettes and harmonious relaxed styling, all of which matches my personal style. I love their dried grass section (Pampas heaven!), beautiful baskets and rustic tableware!

Festive hallway

I’ve used products from Layered Lounge’ Christmas selection to decorate our hallway for this Christmas. I decorated faux garland on the handrail with stems of faux eucalyptus with berries and ranunculus.

When I was growing up, my family had Christmas traditions that got repeated year after year. My mum still has the same decorations, we ate the same food each year and Christmas day always had a special and set order. I have always had a soft spot for paper Christmas stars too. These beautifully ornate snowflakes and white paper star remind me of my childhood!

I decorated this old sideboard with a little Christmas tree on a bamboo basket, black iron candle dish and a few candy canes. The big lantern is from Layered Lounge too!

See Layered Lounge for lots more beautiful products for your home.

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