How to create a small home office?

More people than ever are working from home and using their bedrooms, kitchens and even hallways as temporary home offices. And whilst not having to commute or sit in traffic jams is definitely an upside – working from home does come with it’s own set of problems.

Having a separate space to work is essential for my concentration and productivity. That also creates distinction between ‘work’ and ‘time off’, otherwise it can be hard to switch off to non-working mode, which is so important for the work-life balance. If I just work from my sofa, switching off comes harder, not to mention it’s not good for my back either!

Creating a home office

When we moved to our previous house I had my home office in one of the biggest rooms in the house. I had a big round table and so much storage space.  All my files and photography and styling equipment had plenty of space. Last year my daughter decided it was time for her to move out from the room she shared with her brother and have her own bedroom.

Even the smallest space can work…

My daughter definitely needs all the space she can get. She always has so many games and play set ups going on. So I gave up my big room and moved my home office to the smallest bedroom. It isn’t just the smallest bedroom, it is also our guest room! I really didn’t have much space available. Just a little corner behind a door.

I have also got a small dressing table in my bedroom corner, which really doesn’t take up much space at all. This could easily be used as a home office if I didn’t have the guest room study.


The most important thing for creating a home office, when space is limited is a slimline, narrow desk that fits the space. I found a small, vintage wooden desk for my study from an antique market where I’ve made lots of good finds before. My dressing table is from Ikea, which has a good selection of furniture for smaller spaces. You’ll also need a chair – I’m personally prefer using compact arm chairs or dining chairs as a home office chair.

I have linked some of my favourite home office items below:

Home office storage

Anther important thing is to make sure there is enough storage space.  Otherwise your small desk will end up looking too cluttered. The guest room/study has a built in wardrobe that I’m using to store my stuff in to keep my desk tidy. I also have a little extra shelf on the desk where i put my laptop. Otherwise there wouldn’t be much space for anything else.

I could also use my dressing table space as a home office. It’s has a slim little table, and it has a handy full length drawer. However the drawer is quite shallow so I’ve ended up storing some stuff in my wardrobe too. It’s not ideal but I should try to reduce the amount of cosmetic products rather than buying more storage solutions for them!

Then just add a nice lamp, maybe a cushion for the chair, soft rug and some pretty accessories to finish up your new work station!

I also have a Pinterest board full of home office inspiration, take a look!

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