How to create gallery wall using mobile phone photos

I take lots of photos, especially with my phone camera. I now have thousands of photos on my phone sitting happily on a cloud. The problem with having so many photos is finding that certain one quickly. So, I’ve started ordering actual prints of my favourite mobile phone photos. I try to do this monthly (there are some brilliant apps where you can get free prints once a month) to keep the job manageable. After years of not having ordered nearly any printed photos, I now have lots of them!

This is where Tiny mighty frames**, a San Francisco based company comes in! They specialise in tiny frames, ranging from 4×4 inches to 8×8 inches, so perfect for creating feature gallery walls. Although Tiny Mighty Frames is an American based company, they do deliver to the UK and Europe as well via Amazon.

I chose nine tiny mighty frames and used photos from my recent trip to Ireland (plus one palm tree from Barbados!) to create a little seaside themed gallery wall. Mine are black, but you can also get them in white, silver, gold and distressed wood finish.  My gallery wall is sitting on top shelves, but these frames could be easily hung on a wall too.

I currently have a giveaway over at my instagram – you have a chance to win a set of these brilliant little frames!

**in collaboration with Tiny Mighty Frames


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