How to create the perfect Scandi Christmas

It’s that time of the year again, time get the Christmas decoration boxes out from lofts and garages and transfer your home a winter wonderland in preparation for Christmas. Or in my case, simple Scandi Christmas rather than winter wonderland. I grew up in the Nordics and most of my Christmas traditions and aesthetics are from my childhood.

minimal white christmas
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Festive details on rustic old door
photo: John Bendsten


Scandi style christmas
Photo via house beautiful

We haven’t spent Christmas at home in the UK for several years. We usually go to visit my parents (and hopefully we’ll get to have a Christmas in our cottage soon). This year, with the house move and everything related to that, we are thinking of  staying instead of going back for a Scandi Christmas with my family.  We are still going to have a more of a Nordic version of Christmas, with the foods (lots of cured fish!) and the  main day is going to be the Christmas eve. As we will be celebrating Christmas in our temporary flat, it’ll be even more minimal than usually.

christmas decor
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christmas plants
Cosy festive seating corner with a log burner
photo: Krista Keltanen

Scandi Christmas style is not too different from my decor style, I like texture, natural materials and keeping the colour palette simple. Hyacinths (nothing reminds me of Christmas more than the smell of hyacinths), little branches or potted firs, candles, simple wreaths, lights and mulled wine (or glög) are my main decorations.

cottage christmas
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scandi christmas
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Christmas decor in a white interior can look warm and inviting
photo: Helena Blom

I haven’t had a big Christmas tree in the previous years, but this year will get one. I’m also thinking of doing something radical (for me!) and getting a faux tree. I haven’t got one yet (or even decided to go for it 100%), but there seem to be a pretty good selection for artificial trees these days.

I’ve chosen a few of my Christmas favourites (see below), can’t wait to get decorating:

how to celebrate christmas in scandi style



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