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Moodboards are a brilliant way to help visualise a space. You can work out how different colours, textures and materials will look together in the space that you are creating or redesigning. I put together a number of moodboards whilst we renovated our Victorian home. The previous owners had been here for almost half a century. I had a big collection of various floor, paint and textile samples and moodboards were a useful way to see what worked together and what didn’t. Moodboards also proved to be a good way to sell my ideas and vision to my key ‘customer’, aka Mr Nordic. He sometimes needed a little more convincing that things were going to look great when finished!
Corian® Design has a created a brilliant web app The Moodboard Maker, that allows designers and homeowners to create unique inspiration boards to help them design beautiful spaces. It’s super-simple to use and takes just a few steps to complete:
• First choose the style that most represents you – I really liked minimal, modern and relaxed styles
• Each style has a unique mosaic shape and different textures that you can choose from
• Select a Corian® swatch for your mosaic and then add other images, patterns or textures
• You can then save, print or share your moodboard with your social network
I used The Moodboard Maker to visualise my kitchen seating corner. I combined Corian surfaces and photos of the different textures and colours I have in the seating area – looks pretty good, doesn’t it? It was such a fun and easy app to use, so I created loads of them. Here are just chosen few :).
Go create your own moodboard over at The Moodboard Maker.

easy way to Design Moodboard

moodboard designer

easy way to Design Moodboard easy way to Design Moodboard easy way to Design Moodboard


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