How to get your house ready for autumn

My favourite time of the year is officially here. I love the end of August,  early September time. Start of the autumn, when school holidays are nearly over, evenings are getting dark the air has this crisp, cold feel to it in the mornings. I love being able to use jackets and coats again, but not having to wrap up for winter yet. This also the time of the year when I feel inspired to start new hobbies and I would rather do September resolutions than New Year’s resolutions.  Eating more vegetables and exercising 3 times a week have both been on my resolutions list for decades!

Tips for autumnal decor Autumn coloured flowers

One of my Autumn rituals is changing few things in my home decor. Nothing drastic, as I often move things around anyway. I like to have more logs indoors ready for big fires and find the candles from their summer storage places. Change cushions from cool greys and pinks to warmer colours, like oranges, yellows, caramels and variations of brown. Swap cotton throws with woollen ones. I don’t really have curtains, but my mum used to always have different ones for the winter and summer, and she also had special Christmas curtains for living room.

Creating urban jungle Autumnal decor vibes

I had a chance to order some beautiful flowers from bloom and wild’s fantastic selection of letterbox bouquets and plants. You can order flowers online, through their website or app, in seconds and the flowers get delivered the next day. If you are buying them for a gift, you can also include a personalised message with the delivery.

Seating area with cosy vibe Creating autumnal decor Autumnal decor

This time I didn’t choose my typical pink or white bouquets, but was more inspired their orange and yellow coloured bouquets – here pictured were the impala and the nala. Both are just perfect for this time of the year. I also got little lemon trees, which create a lovely little green jungle to my kitchen window seat corner.


*in collaboration with Bloom&Wild


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