How to make grocery store flowers look expensive?

I love having fresh flowers in the house! Unfortunately my flower habit can get expensive quickly, especially beautiful arrangements from professional florists! Luckily I have a couple of local grocery stores that carry a good selection of flowers and ready made bouquets. I’m sharing here my best tips how to make your grocery store flowers look a lot more expensive!

Depending on the selection on offer, I usually buy one ready made bouquet with few smaller bunches of flowers. The larger grocery store bouquets usually come with plenty of greens, or they sell extra greenery. But if not, I’m always happy to do garden foraging for extra filler greens if needed! I always try to purchase flowers in the same colour family (all pink flowers, all orange flowers, all white flowers) as a monochrome looks better.

I also have a selection faux flowers and greenery, and often add a few faux stems to make the bouquets to look more luxurious.

My favourite faux flowers for sprucing up your grocery store bouquet:

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Beautiful flower arrangement from your grocery store!

I usually put flowers in cool water to rest as soon as I get home. Then I’ll quickly snip the bottom of the stems as you can never be sure how long the flowers have been without water in the grocery store containers. I cut the ends either with clean, sharp shears or knife, aiming to get a 45-degree angle.

grocery store flowers

After all the stems have been trimmed, I fill a vase halfway with clean water and add some flower food to make the flowers last as long as possible. I used a glass vase with a wide opening and made a grid with a cello tape (see the video below) which is the real secret to making your grocery store flowers look a lot more expensive!

Then just add the stems to the vase, one by one, until it’s all filled up and looking beautiful! Below are a few of my favourite vases:

A quick video to show my process:

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