How to Style A Coffee Table

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Our living room is probably my favourite room in our temporary flat. It’s a light, comfy space and it is the perfect place to cosy up in the evenings! I’m no minimalist and love all my things on display and being in here just makes me feel relaxed and happy.

The coffee table here seemed to be serving as a bit of a dumping ground more often than I liked. So I’ve started styling it to make less space for my kids to be leaving all manner of stuff! I wanted the table to be interesting and pretty, not full of kids stuff or empty and uninspiring. My children do have a big room all for all of their things already so it’s only fair I got the coffee table back :)

We have a round coffee table from Cox and Cox, which I love – it’s a tiny bit too big for the current flat but hopefully we’ll back to our house soon.
I like having a round coffee table as contrasting shape to rectangular sofa, but I think having a rectangular table is probably more versatile for styling. I have a another coffee table (currently in storage) which was in our old kitchen’s seating area. It’s glass which worked really well in a small space.

I wanted to share a few tips for styling your own table, so keep reading if you need some inspo… I like to mix things up, between busy surface and sometimes just a vase of flowers or a tray of candles.

Think how you use your coffee table

We eat all our meals at our dinner table, so our coffee table is more of a place for cups of tea and displaying beautiful things. Or my kids eclectic selection of plastic toys and half used clothing.
If you’re more of a tidy table minimalist or prefer a TV dinner, plan for this – if you’re having to move things off your table to use it, it’s going to get on your nerves!

Tidy is the only way

Organised clutter is beautiful and should be embraced! So although I have a lot of my things on display, as long as they are displayed nicely. Various trinket boxes are great for hiding stuff when needed.
I like a nice tray to keep clutter looking pretty, it helps to group candles, matches, remotes and other smaller items in one place.
Our TV remotes normally live in the TV cabinet because they’re a bit of an eyesore, so I need to get a nice trinket box to keep them tucked away on the table.

Collection of curiosities

Accessories are the best way to brighten up a coffee table. I love coffee table books, they are great for adding a bit of height and also a way to add personality. They also work as a platform for way I can also display a few extra candles and my other favourites.
I often have a bouquet of flowers, if not a shop bought, some fresh greenery from my garden combined with faux flowers. I usually put them in the centre of coffee table because I think it makes a big impact to the overall room. Greenery really generates good feng shui in to a room, if you ask me!

Textures and splash of colour

As a someone not that big on patterns, using different textures makes a big space so much more interesting. Use items that are important to you adds personality, your favourite ornament or an interesting souvenir from your travels. Adding a dash of colour draws the eye to the area, otherwise my favourite combination is brass, wood, marble and some greenery. They work together so well, wood and gold warming the cool marble tones and greenery adding freshness.

Where to get coffee table accessories?

To answer shortly – anywhere really! I’m always on a lookout for quirky and/or beautiful interesting objects to add to my collection. I’ve picked things up from travels, vintage markets, secondhand shops as well as high street sales -often shops like H&M home have fun items or quirky vases that just add a little fun personality to your home.

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