Interior colour trends for 2024 – make a home sanctuary

Early 2020’s saw us spending more time than ever before at home. As we look ahead we can see the importance of home, as a sanctuary, carving the way for interior colour trends. Providing the right atmosphere to inspire positivity, wellness and calm in our homes can be channeled through the materials and colours that we use.

Words like sanctuary, wellness, refuge, comfort and calm are popping up in every interior design article right now. Create your own personal sanctuary by using a paint palette to evoke a sense of all of these things. Colour can be powerful – impacting all kinds of moods and feelings. From earth tones to warm colours and new neutrals, read my guide to the interior colour trends for 2024. Bring warmth and nature into your home!


Turn to nature for inspiration this year. We are spending so much time indoors. If you are craving connectivity to the outdoors, then invite nature in through shades of green and blue.
Sorry grey but green is where it’s at. Create a serene and calm space using olive and lush forest green tones.

Little Greene in Olive Colour

Farrow & Ball in Duck Green – part of their Colour by Nature palette in collaboration with the Natural History Museum

Deep blues like the dark marine ocean or summer skies can give you a sense of taking in a deep breath of fresh air.

Farrow & Ball in Stiffkey Blue

Little Greene in Mazarine – inspired by the wings of the Mazarine blue butterfly

photo via:

Warm earthy tones

Ditch bright reds in favour of rich, warmer and muddier tones. Try terracotta, cinnamon or nutmeg shades and feel a connection to the the ground below. Wrap your room in a warm, rich blanket of colour. For something darker go for mulberry or chocolate shades.

Farrow & Ball in Red Earth

Lick in Red 03 – deep terracotta

Yellow has long been out of favour but it is having a definite moment in 2021. Yellow is uplifting and ochre shades reflect the earth’s natural pigments. Yellows and oranges come in warm tones for 2021.

Lick in Orange 02 – mid-warm orange with a touch of brown

Farrow & Ball in India Yellow


Interior colour trends: new neutrals (and pink)

Yes, beige is back! And, along with it comes a subtler, bare plaster, more grown-up shade of pink. Calm neutral tones create a clean and uncluttered feel to the room. It offers an alternative to stark white walls for the lovers of minimalism. Cocoon your room with neutrals.

Dulux in Brave Ground – Delux Colour of the Year 2021

Farrow & Ball in Pink Ground as seen here in my kitchen.

love my new soft pink kitchen
the pink makes it look soft and warm

Interior colour trends: beyond the walls

If you are planning on doing some renovations on your home, here are other ways to introduce the colour trends for 2021.

Indoor greenery

House plants are an amazing way to feel connected to nature. If you don’t have much outdoor space then create an indoor jungle for yourself.

photo via

Wellness bathrooms

If you are planning on a new bathroom this year then spa-like spaces are all the rage. Create your own luxury retreat by using wood, plants and calm colours.


Use one block colour across kitchens with natural shades of pink, green or blue on cabinets and walls. And lots of greenery!


The trend for rich blues and greens are also extending into tiles. Try using contrasting grout in gold or buff pink. More exciting and warmer than white metro tiles and grey grouting trend that has long dominated the walls of bathrooms and kitchens.


It is no surprise that natural wooden flooring is a big trend. Invite natural textures into the home and let your floors show their glorious wood grains and colour.

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