In my living room – How to decorate long and narrow rooms?

Long and narrow rooms can be tricky to spaces from design perspective, so I though I share how I designed my long and narrow living room in my previous Victorian house.

long and narrow living room
badly drawn, not in scale, but gives you an idea about the layout!

This was originally two separate rooms, but at some point the rooms were opened up.

living room with pops of gold

This is the ‘TV-side’ of the living room, the other end gets far less use. We have a playroom as well and the children have another TV in there, so this is mostly for the grown-ups and our weekly family movie nights (with plenty of popcorn).

Long living room with sash windows and wooden floor large gilded mirror

It’s not a small living room, but the shape is long and narrow which makes it a little awkward. The wall in the middle wasn’t removed completely either, so that makes it look even thinner. There is not enough room for a big corner sofa, so we kept our old 3-seater sofa and just bought a foot stool instead. The four of us can still squeeze in (perfect for family hugs), but we might have to do something else when the children get bigger.  vintage cupboard with a modern white sofa

large gilded mirror in a modern interior

Creating two separate seating areas in each end of the room makes most sense for a long living room like this. Otherwise all your furniture ends up against the walls in a big semi-circle, which isn’t pretty or practical. Instead, make two separate areas out of the room, and don’t be afraid to place things in the middle of the room too – if all your furniture is against the walls it makes long rooms look like corridors. Separate areas makes the room cosier too. For us this meant that there was no room for a gigantic TV, but just a small discrete one which I really like!

cosy living room with monochrome palette

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make most of your awkward space long and narrow rooms How to decorate long and narrow rooms?

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