Must have kitchen appliances

It’s easy to laugh at the thought of the importance of buying a new toaster and kettle, until you delve into the complexities of all of the fixtures and functions. Not to mention the longevity of the thing, in trying to reduce waste I don’t want to have to throw another broken toaster out. Aesthetically it is important too. I also don’t want to have to hide functional items every time I need to take a good image of my beloved kitchen.

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For me, Dualit is a no-brainer. Their designs are so classically sleek and they are a well-respected heritage brand. Historically stocked by the best of the best retailers – John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason and Harrods, I feel like it’s a name you can trust.

In a house of 4 (2 of which are hungry youths) I knew that in a toaster I needed something industrially built in its technology but one that I was happy to have in my home, sitting upon my beautiful countertops. 

In buying a toaster there are quite a few things to consider – if you want the thing to last well and perform great! You want one that will toast your bagel to perfection, crisp your sourdough to golden and handle anything smaller or bigger in-between. In a busy family home, you’ll also want speed and one that is easy to clean. 

I managed to tick so many (maybe all) of the boxes with Dualit’s Classic Toaster. Not only does it shine bright with its iconic and timeless design but this 4-slice beauty is built to last. Every part is fully replaceable. It is a lifetime investment. Dualit claim this model is tough enough for commercial kitchens, therefore great for a family of 4. It is also super easy to clean and has a lovely concealed crumb tray, hurrah! 

I also love that the toaster is built in the UK by the same person from start to finish and that their name is even on the base plate. What a lovely family brand! The other major key things for me is that it has a high lift mechanism for all those smaller items that get lost down your standard toaster. And, sandwich cages! It is so multifunctional. 


This neatly leads me onto my quest for a kettle and I was hoping that the Dualit matching Classic Kettle would tick all the boxes too. How disappointing would it be if the toaster was great but the kettle was not? However, this is Dualit – quality since 1945. 

A kettle is an essential kitchen appliance, especially in the UK, it would seem. But finding one that has both speed and minimal noise is a challenge. With so many of us working from home this has become super important too. We have less time to stand around boiling kettles at home mid-working and more people in the house to disturb with the sound. Fortunately, the matching Dualit Classic Kettle is a beauty in all of its patented glory. A superfast element for quick boiling time and the Quiet Mark approved ‘whisper boil’. I am also told that the superfast element is groundbreaking in being replaceable. So, another win for sustainability as that means the lifespan of the kettle is long.

Overall, I would say these items are totally worth every penny. They are design classics that hit all the right tech notes and give you peace of mind in their replaceable parts. 

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