My 12 favourite Apps for Instagram

I’ve shared my photography kit before, and in this post I’m sharing my 12 favourite apps for Instagram that are my secret weapons when it comes to Instagram. These apps have allowed me to take my photo editing skills to the next level, create stylish stories, store and organise my photos, edit videos & create fun cinemagraph images. I’ve used some of them for years, but I have a couple of new additions to my favourite list too!

Editing Apps for Instagram photos

Lightroom is my number one editing software. It’s the biggest and best and when I started using it completely transformed my photos & my love for photography. I have the photography Creative cloud plan, which includes Lightroom, Photoshop and a lot of other apps! If I would have to choose just one App for my instagram on this list, it would be Lightoom!

I’ve been also using VSCO for years, and think it’s a brilliant app. I’ve been using the free version, but I think they’ve changed it so that you can’t save images unless you are paying member these days – but I might be wrong as have had mine for years.

A newer addition to my photo editing apps is Colourstory. It has filters and fun effects and I often use both, mainly for my stories. I have the pro version and I do also quite like the editing tools in Colourstory – and it also allows you to play with individual colours which is a must for me.

App for organising Instagram photos

I’m currently using App called Plann, but considering swapping it to the colourstory app I mentioned above. I also love Notes app, my whole life is stored inside that little app.

Story apps

My current two favourites are Storyluxe and Unfold, both great apps for creating beautiful stories

Video editing apps

I use mainly Premier Rush, which is a great video editing software for newbies like myself. You can start using it for free, and export 3 videos without paying – which is a great way to see if you like it enough to sign up! I’m really happy with it, works well for me, simple enough and I can export videos easily for both IGTV and Youtube in the right format! I do also use Filmm app for my stories, mainly for fun filters or effects!

‘Special effects’ Apps for Instagram

As mentioned in the video I use a couple of different ones for various purposes, Spark app for collages and adding any text. Vimage for the cinemagraphic effects and Imgplay for creating stop motion videos.

I hope you enjoyed my video and found new apps to use – and please subscribe to my channel for more videos!

Apps for Instagram


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