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My everyday skincare & quick makeup routine

I shared this morning skincare & quick makeup routine on my instagram over the weekend and wanted to share it here as well. As I mentioned on my makeup essentials- post, my main thing with makeup is to even my skin tone and get that natural, dewy kind of skin. I love mixing different skincare products & serums together (must be my background in science and years working in labs!) so often use some kind of cocktail of products. My current favourite mix is Beauty Pie Hyaluronic serum mixed with Shiseido Ultimune serum. The Beauty Pie Hyaluronic serum makes my face feel tight and uncomfortable on its own, but works really well with the Shiseido serums.

I also like to make my own vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) cream using vitamin C powder mixed with one of my serums. I buy the vitamin C from Amazon and keep it in a small jar, mixing it with the serum right before applying it on my skin. Vitamin C is much more stable in a powder format. You might have noticed that most creams & serums containing vitamin C are yellow so you won’t be able to see if the colour has changed, a telltale sign that the vitamin C has likely oxidised and lost it’s power. Vitamin C is really potent, so if you decide to try this at home, start with just few grains of vitamin C in your serum – otherwise your face will be burning!

My skin is quite prone to dark spots, so I use SPF every day. Even in winter, and even in the days when I know I’m mainly at home. I’ve been using this SPF50 sunblock on my face for a couple of years and it works brilliantly under makeup too. I’ve also just bought an anti-Pigmentation version of that sunblock. This should also reduce the intensity of existing pigmentation whilst protecting from sun. I’ll let you know if I notice any improvement!

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Makeup products used

I like mixing Beauty Pie’s sheer tinted moisturiser with my favourite foundation from Shiseido for my quick makeup. Together they make my skin tone even & give my complexion a subtle glow. I use this brush from Beauty Pie, and finish off with their version of beauty blender (which needs to be damp). Depending on how my skin is looking this is sometimes enough, but I sometimes use Shiseido’s Synchro skin concealer to hide any further issues. I do love Nars’ radiant concealer for my dark under eyes – it’s an absolutely brilliant product for that job! I also like to use a little of Mac Skinfinish on my cheekbones for a subtle glow. It’s a brilliant product, not glittery and perfect for achieving that dewy skin.

For my eyelids I use primer from Nars – which has been absolutely brilliant. My face isn’t oily at all, but my eyelids are. After unsuccessfully trying out so many eye primers I had already given up hope… until I tried this one! I add a little bit of it on the crease, then lightly powder over and my eyelids are crease and oil free all day! Just magic! Now I have no excuse for not getting better at using up my eye shadow collection.

Both my bronzer and powder are from Beauty Pie, both good products I would happily buy again, as are these brushes I use for bronzer and powder. Really affordable too! I use self-tanning products, but not on my face so I use bronzer to blend in with the rest of my body!

I also use brow kit from Bobbi Brown. I’m on my third one and have recommended it to all my friends. It’s perfect for natural brows, the colours are really lovely and neutral. The end results are so natural – which is what I’m after.

The lipstick i used is one of my favourites from Shiseido, beautiful soft pink lipbalm. Mascara is from Beauty pie. I have sensitive eyes so some mascaras make my eyes itchy but I’ve never had that problem with this.

And that was it, I think! I hope you enjoyed my skincare & quick makeup video. I’ll make another makeup video for YouTube soon, one where I explain the products whilst I’m using them. Stay tuned!

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