My favourite everyday fragrances

everyday fragrance

My favourite everyday fragrance…

I’ve always had a thing for beautiful fragrances, especially light, sweet and floral scents rather than anything too oriental or earthy scents. I’m far more likely to experiment with makeup and skincare than with everyday fragrance, as I’m quite picky about which fragrances I wear. So when I do find perfumes that I love I usually end up wearing them for years, season after season. I’m usually drawn to quite ‘clean’ scents that work better for everyday use, and normally I prefer more lighter than heavy perfumes, but there are exceptions!

I’m really happy with my trio of fragrances I’m using on a daily basis and still spark joy for me. I wear perfume daily and enjoy being able to switch from one to another depending on the occasion and on my mood. These aren’t actually all the perfumes I have, but when we moved to our temporary flat I had to downsize most of the things so all the rest are waiting to be unpacked when we move back!

I don’t have separate daytime and going out perfumes. An ideal fragrance for me is one which works from day to night seamlessly, which is not too overbearing. So if you are a fan of similar scents, you’re going to love these!

Most beautiful scents…

beautiful scents

L’eau d’Issey Miyake This is my all-time favourite, and there is definitely a lot of nostalgia with this fragrance. It’s an aquatic floral fragrance, with a heart of lily to create a clean, white scent while a base of precious woods adds an earthy warmth to it. Just delicious. If i would have to live with just one perfume for the rest of my life this would be it. My husband wears the male version which I love equally.

Marc Jacobs Decadence EDP Ok, there is a exemption to every rule, isn’t there? I love this rich and sophisticated perfume with luxurious woody notes, even if it’s not my typical light floral scent. I bought it after a night out with a friend who smelled so amazing I kept leaning on to her all night 🙂 Plus that the bottle is so fun too!

Laura Mercier Vanille Gourmande I love vanilla perfumes and this is my favourite! It’s sweet and warm, and captures the essence of vanilla musk, heliotrope, daylily, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and amber. I also love that it’s a bit more unusual, not-so-easy to recognisable scent.

Can’t wait to be united with these two fragrances soon again:

These beauties were packed away and currently in storage waiting for us to move back. The four of us are sharing a small bathroom so cutting back what cosmetics I brought with you was essential!

Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT This is another all time favourite, and I have been wearing this floral scent for a long time. It’s a clean, fresh, zingy, green scent and it makes me happy every time I wear it.

Le labo Another 13 edp Another gorgeous, not my typical fragrance I love! I can’t even describe how wonderful this scent is – it’s just enchanting!

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