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I’ve been blessed with very fine, soft and naturally straight hair which, if I just let it dry, will lay flat on my head. I’ve been on a mission for fuller, thicker hair for as long as I can remember, and have tried so many products over the years. Unfortunately lots of them have just weighed down my fine hair rather than giving me that thick and shiny hair with body and texture. My hair is fairly healthy despite regularly curling it, but it gets occasionally dry, especially during winter, so I’ve been using recently more products to keep my hair healthy as well.

After years of trial and error, I have found the best products to sort out my fine hair:

 best products for thick hair

Shampoo and ‘conditioner’

I realised several years ago that conditioner, any kind of conditioner, was the biggest problem for my fine hair. It softens my hair too much, and makes it impossible to style or manage it. So I stopped using conditioners and started using diluted vinegar instead and my hair felt immediately thicker. As it has low pH (which closes up the hair cuticles), so it does the job of conditioner but without weighing it down.

I’m currently using Moroccan oil Smoothing shampoo, which isn’t thickening but leaves my hair feeling moisturised but not heavy. And it smells heavenly! I find that without moisturiser most shampoos work just fine, so often try out different ones.

best shampoo for thicker hair

Treatments for thicker hair

Although I don’t use conditioners, I do like to use few drops of hair oil after washing my hair. Especially when my hair gets a bit longer. I have been using years of Moroccan oil’s leave in oil, but I decided to try something new – Olaplex’s new leave-in bonding oil. I’ve only used it a couple of times and already love it! I use living proof styling treatment when my hair is towel dry. When possible, I let my hair air dry, unless I’m in a rush.

I also use Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector -treatment every few weeks, or once a week depending how dry my hair is. It works wonders in damaged hair in between hair cuts!

secrets to glossy hair
olaplex treatment

Texturing styling products

I like to use a little texturising spray to make my hair both thicker and more manageable. I’m currently using Löwengrip Dry Shampoo which works really well and smells amazing! If my hair has been recently cut, this is all I do to my hair sometimes, but I do often curl it as I prefer my hair curled.  I use hot rollers as they are by far the easiest and least labour heavy way to curl my hair and get thicker hair too!

best texturising spray



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