My outdoor living space: patio seating update

in partnership with Cox and Cox.

I loved the patio in our old house, and although it was just in our small side garden, we used it all the time. When we were re-designing our new house, creating a beautiful outdoor living space and patio seating area was very high on our wish list.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, we’ve spent our building budget indoors so the dreamy decked patios back and front will have to wait until another day. That hasn’t stopped me from creating a beautiful patio seating area in the space we do have. Our garden is mainly made up of a lawn but there is a small patio area which can be accessed from the kitchen through a set of sliding doors.

Patio seating sofa of dreams

I wanted to create both a cosy and tranquil space for us to use throughout the day. It’s west facing so we get the afternoon and evening sun, during the day it’s shaded by big trees which has been lovely as the summer has been so hot. Cox and cox’s outdoor living collection have the loveliest selection of products that will extend your living space to the outdoors. Planters, ambient lighting, wood burners as well as outdoor furniture create an inviting retreat.

There were a few things that I focused on to create a dreamy, cosy outdoor space where you can enjoy spending lots of time:

I chose the Malmo corner sofa. It was the perfect size and also because I’m really drawn to anything and everything rattan at the moment. It’s comfortable and the colour palette very much matches the indoors so the inside and outside living spaces connect easily.

Our new teardrop hanging chair has been the biggest hit on the patio seating area. There is space on the sofa but the hanging chair always has someone sitting on it! It’s so calming to be sitting inside of it, a perfect spot for reading a book or daydreaming. Our new fire pit is lovely, but a tad too big for the patio. So I’ll need to find another place for it!

Accessories for the outdoor living

I chose two sets of planters. The first are a lovely pair of rattan beauties and the second a set of three zinc planters. I love the texture they add to our outdoor living space.

The drop festoon lights create loveliest atmosphere, we have one start up and one extension packet. I used old bamboo sticks to hang mine, but Cox and Cox also sells festoon holders which is handy for hanging them up. The new chunky knit blanket is perfect for cosying up in the evenings!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Its beautiful. I love the lighting. Are they solar lights?

    1. Thank you! No these lights are plugged in kind 🙂

  2. That looks awesome. Love the malmo sofa. We are just renovating and love the grey and white with wood, very hygge to me.

    1. Thank you – it’s very pretty isn’t it! Just need a little less rain to be able to enjoy this space! 🙂

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