My photography kit for lifestyle & interior photos

I get often asked about my photography kit I use to take my lifestyle instagram photos, so I thought I’ll write this post about my camera and favourite lenses.

My photography kit

Let me start by saying this first: you can shoot great pictures with any camera, even on your phone. It’s not the camera that takes truly beautiful photos, it’s the photographer. But there obviously are differences between the lower end and the higher end DSLR’s, other than just the price.

The more expensive cameras have high ISO (determines how sensitive the image sensor is to light) and will perform better in low light conditions. The auto-focus systems are fast and more accurate, and tend to have more focus points. This means you can be more selective where you have the focus in your photo.

The most important difference for me personally was that the more expensive cameras are a full-frame (like my Canon 6D mark II) instead of a crop-frame. So when you look into the cameras viewfinder you will see much more of the scenery in the frame with full-frame than with a crop-frame camera. This might not matter for some people, but if you often work in small spaces a full-frame camera can be your best friend. I’ve been really happy with my camera, and it’s great for lifestyle photography.

I do still use a lot of my iphone 11 to take photos too, especially behind-the- scenes type of photos as well as when I’m out and about. I’ve also recently started a youtube channel, and have been using my phone for filming. The results aren’t perfect, but that could have more to do with me being a new to it rather than lack of expensive cameras!

Prime Lenses

I have the 35mm, 50mm and 85mm prime lenses in my photography kit. The Canon 85mm is my newest one and I haven’t used that so much yet but so far I’m liking it. With a prime lens the focal length is fixed, meaning you can’t zoom in or out. Instead you need to physically around to zoom closer to or further from your subject.

However, prime lenses are super sharp and generally give you better quality images. They also have wider apertures which means better performance in low light conditions, and give you better bokeh (blurred background).

best photography kit for lifestyle instagram

The best all around lens: The 50mm Canon f/1.4

If I would choose just one lens for the rest of my life, it would my Canon 50mm f/1.4, it’s a great for beginners who need a little help creating those beautiful images as well as for the more advanced photographer. It’s pretty lightweight so carrying it around isn’t too heavy. It is also the cheapest piece of my photography kit!

my favourite lens for still life

The best lens for still life: The 35mm Sigma Art Prime

I take lots of still life photos and this Sigma 35mm f/1.4 is my favourite lens for those. It’s medium priced, heavier than the 50mm and leaves a bit of vignette, but this can of course be corrected in post production. This lens is fast and works well in low light situations. It has shallow depth of field which beautifully isolates the subjects from the background.

food styling and photography

The best lens for interior: The 17-40mm Canon zoom lens

As much as I like prime lenses, for interior shots I prefer using my Canon 17-40mm. The varying focal length gives me more flexibility without having to change lenses. The image quality isn’t as good as with prime lenses but I can live with that!

My photo editing tools

Lightroom is my number one editing software. It’s the biggest and best and when I started using it completely transformed my photos & my love for photography. I have the photography Creative cloud plan, which includes Lightroom, Photoshop and a lot of other apps! If I would have to choose just one editing software, it would be Lightoom!

So that’s my kit I use! Read next how I style a room ready for an instagram photoshoot!

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