New house tour – before the renovation project

Writing this blogpost about my new house tour has taken me much longer than anticipated. There were some technical difficulties (my laptop’s letter d stopped functioning)  at first but it also feels overwhelmingly big subject to cover. Let’s call this the part one so I don’t have to try to include everything.

Our previous home was a beautiful Victorian house which some of you might have seen on instagram.  The new house is a 1960’s split level bungalow about 2 hours from our old house, in beautiful city of Bath.

 house tour

We had first seen this house already in May, put an offer in and lost it to another buyer. My husband and I felt heartbroken as there were about 12 hours when we thought it was ours. until it wasn’t.  The house came back to the market in the summer (previous sale had fallen through) and rest is history. We have been living here happily now for a few weeks.

House tour

So that’s the history part, now more about the house itself. How did we end up falling in love with a 60’s bungalow in a city full of gorgeous Georgian architecture? Simply because although we loved the idea of living in a city (albeit a small one!) we still wanted space around us so a bungalow was a perfect fit both to our budget and the space requirements. And I actually really like the way our new house looks outside. It fits the sloping garden well, and the rooflines are beautiful. The plot feels very secluded and is surrounded by big trees. Back garden even backs to a field with sheep!


It’s the inside of the house that really doesn’t work. Lots of dark corridors, dated interior, walk-through bedroom, no storage space and a kitchen that has the worst layout. The garden is beautiful, and we have views over city of Bath, but most of the windows are so high up that you can’t see anything when seated down.

Below are some before photos (from the estate agents brochure), I’ve done some little updates to the decor already (mainly by painting few walls and ripping up carpets) but hopefully we’ll be able to do the renovation next year. So I’ll have some proper ‘after’ photos soon!


Next stages:

Here you can read what was on our wishlist we gave for our architects

Our planning was granted and you can see our plans and layouts here and the first progress photos of the renovation project here!


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  1. 1.6.19

    Your bungalow looks so spacious and cozy! I completely understand why you’ve fallen in love with it. The greenery around the house is lovely and the house itself has so much natural light and feels so cozy and warm. It was meant for you to live in it and make some beautiful memories there.

    • 1.9.19
      SHnordic said:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Have a lovely day

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