NEW KITCHEN HAS ARRIVED | wood floor sneak peek

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOu34mbtP98[/embedyt]


We are moving back to our dream family house in Bath in just four days time, after 8 months of renovating. It’s definitely not quite finished yet, but the new kitchen arrived this week so I’m showing you a sneak peek of that. You can see more details what we have planned for the kitchen in this post! I’m also so excited to share my new wood flooring to be installed – it’s so beautiful, even better than I expected! The whole house is now nearly decorated, so I’m also sharing more paint colours I chose. You can probably see that the house has changed a fair but just from last weeks moving vlog. I hope you’ll enjoy this video, and hopefully in my next moving vlog we’ll be living in the new house already!

New kitchen: https://bit.ly/3eH1478

Wood flooring: https://bit.ly/3eHrgyi

Paints: https://bit.ly/3hV4WUa

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  1. Wendy_studiozinnig says:

    What a dreamhouse Susanna, the Floor looks as if always thee, KITCHEN big.. and good luck nect days!!!

    1. Thank you!!!

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