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Moving vlog episode 2 is here! And as you can see, things haven’t been going smoothly last week. Last week we had pencilled in a moving date, and on this video I’m sharing how the moving plans are going. It’s been only a week but there has been lots of action and our builder has been busy.

Here is a tour of the house before renovation, or a video if you prefer, and I have two mid-renovation house tours too – you can watch part 1 in here and part 2 over here.

What’s happening next?

We need to get the walls decorated, the flooring laid down in the kitchen/living space so that we can accept our kitchen deliveries next week: both appliances and units are due to arrive! We have all the windows now, just waiting for the 3 sets of sliding doors to arrive, for our bedroom, kitchen and living room.

I know I keep saying this but feels like we are so close now. Obviously the house won’t be completely done, we have have a long to do – list waiting for us as soon as we get back in. We have a garage door and 2 doors plus several white window frames that we’ll need to paint black. Initially we were hoping to replace them but they didn’t fit to our budget so we’ll be sprucing them up ourselves.

There will be also a lot of garden tidying and DIY landscaping happening. A big part of this project was always to create a beautiful outdoor living space. Unfortunately, there is no room in the budget at the moment, so we’ll be attempting building our own decking & summer kitchen and dining garden room. I’ll be posting our experience here too, so stay tuned if you are thinking of similar project! We are complete newbies so should be interesting 🙂


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