Our bedroom tour: before and after pictures!

Welcome to a tour of our new bedroom! I’ve had a lot of questions about this room over instagram, from paint colours to our plans for window treatments. So I thought I’ll share a tour of our bedroom with more details and before and after pictures was due. It has taken us well over a year since the renovation project started to get this point, and over two years since we bought the house. Renovating takes so much time, and I definitely ran out steam towards to end. And the bedroom is no means ready either. We have no curtains and I would love to have a bench or a maybe a little sofa at the end of the bed.

Bedroom before:

Our pre-renovation bedroom, as you’ll see in the photo above, looked a little sad and tired when we bought the house. Windows were high up, walls were painted with magnolia and the cream carpet was stained. Oh and the ceiling had artex, of course! The rest of the house looked very similar – you can see the full pre-reno tour of the house over here.

We moved pretty much every wall in the house, but where this room used to be is now our new guest bedroom. It is still very much in working progress, but I’ll share a tour of it here once it has more to show than an empty room. Our new bedroom is now located on the new floor which we built during the reno. Our bedroom was pretty much a blank space until a couple of weeks ago, but with the help of some new bedding, dressing table and new bedside table it’s been transformed. Or much better at least! I would also like to add a little gallery wall on the dressing table wall.

Bedroom progress during the reno

Above is a collection of photos during the renovation. It was so exciting to see the space take shape. The most exciting day was when the windows and sliding doors were finally installed, after months and months of waiting. We were really lucky to have such a generous space up here, so the bedroom is the biggest I’ve ever had. We have a little balcony which you might have seen on instagram. There is also a separate dressing room (but no wardrobes there yet!) and an ensuite bathroom.

Bedroom tour: panelling

The new bedroom is a tall room (nearly 4m at the highest point) and has slanted ceiling. The wall where the bed is big, and looked so empty and a little boring so we decided a full wall of panelling would make all the difference. And it did! As the house is from 1960’s, an ornate panelling wasn’t really suitable so we opted for this more modern design.

The panelling is painted in Elephants Breath from F&B. I had first chosen another colour but I didn’t like it as it looked too purple so changed it after seeing it on the wall. I have listed all the paint colours we’ve used in our house in this post.

Tour in our new bedroom

bedroom tour
Our bedroom with a view to the ensuite bathroom.
coffee in bed.

And here it is! Our almost finished bedroom. I wanted our bedroom to be light, airy and only for sleeping and getting ready. So we have limited technology and it still has a minimal feel. I didn’t want to have too many distractions as the big windows and doors as well as the panelling are the main features really.

I love white linen bedding combined with a chunky knit throw and sheepskin to add warmth and texture. Plus a few pretty cushions too! We have a new super king sized 4-poster bed from Cornish beds with a Naturalmat mattress (similar bed in here) brass wall light fixtures and cane bedside tables. So it feels like the room is coming together

views over Bath

Bedroom tour: Dressing table

As our walking wardrobe space is very much a blank room at the moment so my dressing table is still in the bedroom too. I’ll make another tour once the dressing room is going to be done, I can’t wait to have wardrobes again. A few hanging rails and cardboard boxes just isn’t the same…

What’s happening next?

Next on my list is to sort out proper balcony seating (the current chair I have there is too big) and get a storage furniture for the ensuite. I had my eye on a beautiful vintage wooden cupboard but it sold out before I got around purchasing it so I’m still trying to find something to store things in.

I also need to think about window treatments, probably curtains for the windows. These curtains look beautiful but I haven’t ordered them yet as I also need to find suitable curtain rods too… Luckily we aren’t overlooked at all so not having curtains isn’t a big problem at the moment when it’s still dark.

Below is a little video tour of the new bedroom to give you a better idea how it looks like currently:


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