Prioritise the revenue-generating activities

As a business owner, you’re not just chasing dreams; you’re chasing profits—your entrepreneurial Holy Grail. Zooming in on the most cash-rich activities within your brand isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential. Revenue-Generating Activities (RGAs) are the rocket fuel for growth, the secret sauce that boosts your bottom line and sets the stage for sustainable success.

What if I told you that you could tweak just one thing in your daily grind today that could fatten your wallet tomorrow? No, it’s not a magic bean scenario—it’s about a practical, powerful pivot in your business strategy that promises to boost your bank statements.

Intrigued? You should be. This isn’t some complex algorithm or fleeting trend. It’s a straightforward adjustment in your business with the potential for great returns.

The Golden Strategy: Focus on on Revenue-Generating Activities

Here’s the deal: prioritise tasks that directly fill your cash registers. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Yet, so many budding entrepreneurs get sidetracked perfecting their website aesthetics or picking the perfect shade of blue for their logo. While brand image is important, it won’t open wallets. Focusing on RGAs will.

So, what exactly counts as a revenue-generating activity? Any task that directly leads to sales falls into this category. We’re talking about actions like direct sales calls, creating upsell opportunities, or refining your sales funnel. It’s anything that moves the needle from prospect to paying customer.

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Action Plan: Sorting Profitable from Non-Profitable Tasks

Take the next few days to reevaluate and recalibrate your business strategies. Here’s a roadmap:

  1. List Down All Business Activities: Over the next week, catalog every task tied to your business. This includes seemingly minor ones, like those 5-minute email responses.
  2. Identify Your Money Makers: Which of these are directly tied to earning money? Put them at the top of your to-do list. For instance, if you’re running a coaching business, more time spent on developing and marketing your coaching sessions rather than endlessly tweaking your website’s homepage could lead to direct revenue boosts.
  3. Measure and Monitor: What gets measured, gets managed. Track the outcomes of your RGAs. How many leads did your last webinar generate? What was the conversion rate from your email campaign? Use tools and metrics to quantify the impact of your efforts, allowing you to focus more on what works. Regularly review what activities are bringing in the bucks. As your business grows, your RGAs might shift. Keep your approach flexible and adapt to new revenue paths as they arise.
  4. 3. Delegate or Automate the Rest: Free up your calendar by delegating or automating non-revenue tasks. Use software for scheduling, automate your social media posts, or outsource your graphic design. Keep your prime hours for prime money-making activities.

Your primary focus should be on tasks that contribute to income. Anything that doesn’t should naturally fall lower on your to-do list.


  • Sell More Types of Stuff: Think about what else your customers might want and offer that.
  • Keep Your Regulars Happy: Treat your loyal customers like gold. Implement loyalty programs, special offers, or exclusive deals for repeat customers.
  • Problem-aware content: create content that addresses specific challenges or issues that resonates with your audience
  • List growing: Activities that help grow your email list
  • Meet and Mingle: Talk to other business folks. Share tips, and maybe even team up to widen your audience.
  • Sell More to Each Customer: If someone’s buying a coffee, offer them a muffin. Consider introducing a relevant upsell or a tripwire product
  • Try Selling in New Places: If one town loves you, another might too. If you are creating content for Instagram, use it for the other platforms too
  • Ask for Reviews: Happy customers? Ask for testimonials and spread the word how you helped them online.
  • Actively engage with your existing followers
  • Adopt Technology: Is it time to upgrade systems? Customer tracking tools, payment systems and other tech to run your business smoother can make a big difference.
  • And most crucially, talking about your offers will help to sell.

The Power of Intentional Action: Less Busywork, More Moneywork

Knowing what tasks are essential is great and all, but let’s get real: the magic happens when you actually do something with that knowledge.

It’s not about stuffing your calendar till it bursts at the seams. The goal here isn’t to be busy; it’s to be productively profitable. Start by kicking time-wasters to the curb—those sneaky tasks that munch on your minutes without filling up your wallet—and swap them in for actions that actually ring the cash register.

Oh, the ‘busy trap’—it’s as seductive as a bad Netflix series. You think you’re getting somewhere, but really, you’re just running in place. Too many entrepreneurs wear their busyness like a badge of honour, mistaking a full schedule for a fruitful one. Spoiler alert: Just because your gears are grinding, doesn’t mean you’re moving forward.

So, here’s your next quarter’s challenge: Lean into activities that directly boost your bottom line. I’m not just suggesting this; I’m daring you. Make this shift, and watch as your profits puff up like popcorn, your sales surge like the tide, and clients flock to you like seagulls at a beach picnic.

Embrace intentional action, and let’s turn that business buzz into a revenue roar. Trust me, your bank account will thank you.

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