Prioritise the revenue-generating activities

As a business owner, profitability is undoubtedly your holy grail. Focussing on the most lucrative activities within your brand is not just beneficial—it’s pivotal. Revenue-Generating Activities are what fuels growth, increases revenue, and paves the path for long-lasting success.

What if I told you that there is a simple yet practical shift you can implement today that is bound to earn you more? A guaranteed strategy to enhance your revenue and outdo your current sales figures.

Intrigued? You should be. This isn’t some complex algorithm or fleeting trend. It’s a straightforward adjustment in your business with the potential for great returns.


The Golden Strategy: Focus on on Revenue-Generating Activities

That’s right. The key is to dedicate more time and energy to activities that directly contribute to revenue generation. This might seem obvious, but so many starting business owners rather fine tune their website or logo colours than focus their efforts on the things that will actually bring sales and increase their revenue. This simple strategy can be the game-changer for your business.

Now, you might wonder, what exactly qualifies as revenue-generating activities? How can you identify and prioritise them?

Action Plan: Sorting Profitable from Non-Profitable Tasks

Take the next few days to reevaluate and recalibrate your business strategies. Here’s a roadmap:

  1. List Down All Business Activities: Over the next week, catalog every task tied to your business. This includes seemingly minor ones, like those 5-minute email responses.
  2. Evaluate Each Task’s Role: Determine the contribution of each activity. Does it directly rake in income? If so, it warrants top priority

Your primary focus should be on tasks that contribute to income. Anything that doesn’t should naturally fall lower on your to-do list.


  • Sell More Types of Stuff: Think about what else your customers might want and offer that.
  • Keep Your Regulars Happy: Treat your loyal customers like gold. Implement loyalty programs, special offers, or exclusive deals for repeat customers.
  • Problem-aware content: create content that addresses specific challenges or issues that resonates with your audience
  • List growing: Activities that help grow your email list
  • Meet and Mingle: Talk to other business folks. Share tips, and maybe even team up to widen your audience.
  • Sell More to Each Customer: If someone’s buying a coffee, offer them a muffin. Consider introducing a relevant upsell or a tripwire product
  • Try Selling in New Places: If one town loves you, another might too. If you are creating content for Instagram, use it for the other platforms too
  • Ask for Reviews: Happy customers? Ask for testimonials and spread the word how you helped them online.
  • Actively engage with your existing followers
  • Adopt Technology: Is it time to upgrade systems? Customer tracking tools, payment systems and other tech to run your business smoother can make a big difference.
  • And most crucially, talk about your offers will help to sell.


Understanding which tasks are pivotal for your business is only half the battle. The real change happens when you actionably integrate this understanding.

It’s not about bombarding your schedule with more tasks. Instead, identify time-draining activities that don’t yield results and replace them with revenue-generating ones.

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of ‘busy work,’ confusing busyness with genuine productivity. These distractions stop us concentrating on tasks that really increase our income.

In the next quarter, I challenge you to invest more in revenue-generating endeavours. Embrace this shift, and I promise your profits will soar, sales will burgeon, and more clients will gravitate towards you.

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