Renovation diary weeks 6-10: The new top floor is almost there!

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The house project has been ongoing for over 2 months now, and it has changed a fair bit! The new floor is coming up really quickly and all the window openings are there, just need the stud walls so we can see the new rooms. There are two enormous wooden beams (only one is in place at the moment) which will leave partly showing to maximise the ceiling height.

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Here are a couple of photos of the recent progress of the house project. We gave a pretty long wish list for this space and our architects managed to fit pretty much everything in! There is a video of the new floor below too. I took it a couple of weeks ago when the builders had removed the old roof & walls and started to prep the space. Because the builders tip was closed during Christmas break, there was so much rubble on our back garden, piled nearly as high as the house! Mr Nordic is demonstrating where the new balcony will be.

house project
my new studio on the left, and the walk in wardrobe next to it
renovation project
view towards my new studio space
bathroom window
peeking through the new en-suite bathroom window
building a new floor to a house
This video is actually a couple of weeks old now, but gives a better idea of the space. Mr Nordic is demonstrating the balcony location!
house project

Living room / kitchen side of the house

The house project has also been progress in the living room / kitchen side of the house -the openings for our new garden doors and living room window are done! I love that new window, it’s 4 meters tall and really makes the space I think!

living room renovation
tall window
house renovation blog
window openings
large open plan kitchen diner

You can see how the house will look like once the project is finished here!

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