Renovation update: See what’s been happening on week 1

The renovation has officially started and it’s time for first update on what has been happening on the site this week. You can see how the house looked before in here and how it’s going to look once the work is done over here!

renovation update
my house before reno

This first and second week are mainly about demolition so things are happening quickly. Due to restrictions on our road, we can’t have skips, so all the rubble needs to be moved out in smaller vans. After this first week, there was a lot of stuff waiting to be taken away.


Here is a view of my kitchen, all the units are gone, and so is the wall between kitchen and the dining room. The old kitchen and dining room will be our grown up living room post-renovation.

renovation update

Living room

This view is towards the old dining room, living room was in the front of the photo. That ceiling above the dining room is about to come down too so that we can make most of the high ceilings (the highest point will have 4m high ceilings!). There is currently just an empty loft above. That back wall window is going to be replaced with sliding doors.

I’m hoping to leave the ceiling joists exposed. Just need to get rid of those black stains somehow, hopefully light sanding will do it.

Rest of the house

Lots has happened on the other parts of the house too! This is from my son’s old room, the wall between the ensuite bathroom is almost gone. Kids new rooms will be this end of the house, but we are changing the layout. On next week’s renovation update there might be some new walls in this space already!

Photo below is where the kitchen will be post renovation, it had my husbands study and our cloakroom before – some walls are down and the one on the left is going to be removed too. It’s located next to the current living room which also will be part of the new kitchen – dining room.

This is from my daughters old bathroom:

And here is the hallway:

So exciting to see this much progress after just one week! On next renovation update there should be some actual building in addition to all the demolition works. The builders are due to start making some of the new stud walls. The new space will start to take shape!

I have a Pinterest board for my new house if you want to see my inspiration for the renovation!

EDIT: you can find next week’s progress update here!

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