Secret of making sales on Instagram: Strategies to Grow Your Business Today

Did you know that Instagram is one of the most powerful tools for growing your business? Many businesses don’t take full advantage of this because they aren’t sure how to use it. However, there are several ways you can grow your Instagram account and make more sales by using it. In this post, we will discuss some useful strategies that you can implement right away.

Grow your Instagram and increase engagement

Let’s start with the basics here – your Instagram account. Make sure your bio states clearly what you are offering and posting about. This will help your ideal audience to find & follow you. Growing your Instagram following and increasing engagement on your posts requires consistency, creativity, and patience. Utilising as many of Instagram’s features such as stories, reels, and live feature will help you to diversify your content and showcase your brand’s personality. You should also engage with your followers and other accounts in your niche by commenting and liking their posts.

Use hashtags to boost discovery

Simply put, hashtags help people find your posts. By using relevant hashtags, you can reach new audiences who are interested in the same topics as you. For example, if you’re a fitness coach, using hashtags like #fitnessmotivation can attract people who are interested in fitness. If your audience is smaller, utilise less used (but still relevant) hashtags in your posts. The bigger hashtags are so popular that your content will get lost in the sea of other posts. Additionally, consider creating a branded hashtag that you can use consistently and encourage your followers to use as well.

Optimise your content for growth

The content you create is usually the number one way to grow your instagram account. You build your authority in your space through the content you share. Valuable content and consistent posting is what will help your your ideal followers to find your account and business. There is no one specific type of content that performs “best”. You need to be prepared to try out different formats to find out what works on your niche, and what your audience is looking for.

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Create weekly Instagram content strategies for growth

Creating a consistent and engaging content strategy is essential for maintaining a strong presence on the platform, but it can feel daunting to come up post ideas without planning. Here are a few content ideas that will help you grow your Instagram:

  • Theme days: Consider creating themed days for your content, such as “Motivation Monday,” “Transformation Tuesday,” “Throwback Thursday,” or “Foodie Friday.” This provides structure and keeps your followers engaged.
  • Behind-the-scenes content: This is one of my favourite type of content for stories – a great way to show your audience your personality and get them more invested in your brand. Share sneak peeks of new products, your creative process, or your daily routines. This helps your followers feel like they are part of your journey.
  • User-generated content: Feature user-generated content (UGC) on your feed, such as reposting photos or videos from followers who use your products or services. This encourages engagement and strengthens the relationship between you and your followers.
  • Polls and Q&As: Use Instagram’s poll and Q&A features to encourage engagement and get feedback from your followers. Ask for their opinions on new products or services, or let them ask you questions about your brand.
  • Educational content: Share educational content related to your industry or niche. This can include tips, tutorials, or infographics that provide value to your followers.

Pay attention to the analytics

When you are first starting, it can be hard to know what kind of content works the best for your ideal audience. I recommend trying out various content ideas and then looking at closely at the analytics to understand your audience’s behaviour and preferences. This will help you tailor your content strategy to their interests and increase engagement on your posts. Remember, growing your Instagram following takes time and effort, but with dedication and creativity, it can lead to a loyal and engaged community.

And don’t forget to talk about your offers!

Do you want to get more customers but find it hard to actually tell people what your offers are? This is surprisingly common for new (and sometimes for the more seasoned too!) business owners. And I get it, nobody wants to sound like a sleazy salesperson! But unless you talk about your offers, no one will know what you can do for them, how amazing your products are or what life changing services you offer. Having that link on your bio isn’t enough, you need to talk about your services/products in your content too.

Here are a few ways you can talk about your offer:

  • Share a customer testimonial on your stories & give more background what program the client has found helpful. Social proof is a powerful marketing tool & a way to highlight any pain points.
  • Use Instagram captions to highlight the benefits of your service: In your captions, focus on the benefits that your service provides
  • Use Instagram Live to offer demos or answer questions: Instagram Live is a great way to interact with your audience in real-time
  • Offer exclusive discounts or promotions: Everyone loves a good deal, so consider offering exclusive discounts or promotions to your Instagram followers
  • Use Instagram Stories to show behind-the-scenes glimpses of your service in action & how it’s helping your clients.

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