Summer evenings in the garden

What a cosy garden seating setup. Photo credit lights4fun / Oliver Perrot

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Summer and long warm evenings are almost here and what I’m really looking forward to is making most of the long, warm evenings in the outdoors. Especially now that the restrictions have lifted and we can gather with friends and family after time.

Our garden and outdoor space is my ultimate happy place during the summer months, and I wanted to create a patio seating nook that is a proper outdoor living room. Maximising cosiness is probably the best way to achieve that!

Here comes the sun

I had three main things that I wanted to focus on to, in order to have a beautiful, cosy outdoor space:

  • A big enough outdoor sofa for us four to sit on
  • Cosy cushions and a rug to finish the space
  • Lighting to create ambience and enable us to use the space in the evenings too.
Photo credit lights4fun / Oliver Perrot

Garden lighting ideas

Garden lighting is a great way to extend the time we can spend outdoors. It’s also a wonderful way to entertain guests, as well as making it easier to see when walking through your garden at night. Make the most of long summer evenings and transform your garden into a cosy living space you can use after sunset, with a selection of garden lighting.

Keeping your decor neutral offers a timeless, classic design year after year. Soften the finish on your furniture with chunky seat cushions and woven throws.

I absolutely love festoon lights – there is something magical about them and I have used them here to separate the seating area from the rest of the patio. This summer I’ve also wanted to add a few other lights to make this space even cosier.

Solar-powered lights

Wireless solar-powered lights are a clever and eco-friendly alternative to plugged in lighting and they come in all shapes and sizes. These fun solar-powered lanterns come as a pack of three and I loved the little tassel feature. They are so pretty that I would happily have them just as a decor, but the extra light they provide adds to the cosy mood in the evenings.

My other new garden light addition is this beautiful black solar pendant light that comes with a handy stand. The stand is tall enough for the pendant to hang at the perfect height for easy styling.

Outdoor lights are the perfect way to bring your garden to life in the summer evenings, and make your outdoor space a truly relaxing space to enjoy with friends and family.

Next steps

Are you looking to transform your garden but feel stuck and overwhelmed? This handy free Garden Design Checklist will help you revamp your outdoor space! From assessing your garden to, plant selection, zone creation, furniture incorporation, irrigation systems, and seasonal maintenance.

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