Top 20 must-have Amazon products

Let me share with you my top 20 must-have Amazon products. From glorious books and gadgets to stylish decor items. Plus, pampering beauty products and pretty things to get organised with. 

Grab an Amazon Prime subscription and get gorgeous items delivered to your door quickly. It’s an enormous site, so it can be a little overwhelming. I have shared my favourite Amazon home decor items before.

1. The Home Edit Life: The Complete Guide to Organizing

With their own Netflix series, The Home Edit have made organising into an obsession! Boasting over 4m followers, Clea and Joanna, bring super ideas for all that clutter at home. Get inspired for spring cleaning those cupboards with this fab book.  

2. Green: Simple Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

I won’t profess to being green-fingered but I am always on the look out for ideas. Whatever size space you have – this is a must for outdoor living. Featuring Abigail Ahern’s amazing garden, this book is both beautiful and inspiring. And, it shows that you don’t need to be the next Monty Don to create a beautiful space outdoors! 

3. Iris Hantverk Birch Wood Wall Rack

Functional doesn’t have to be boring. Iris Hantverk is a Swedish brand dating back to the 1900s and it’s clear to see why they are so loved. Well-designed, hand-made and crafted with natural materials. Beautiful products for the home. Use this to hang utility items like their wooden brushes for washing-up. 

4. StickerDeen Removable Wall Decal Stickers

Removable wall decals are a brilliant alternative to having to re-paint. They are great for adults and kids a-like. There are so many stylish options and it’s risk-free. You can remove at any time, making them great for rental properties and kids’ bedrooms. 

5. Ceramic White Donut Vase

I’m in the belief that you can never have too many vases. Looking pretty on its own or with some dried flower stems popped in, this is a lovely and simplistic design. I would place this anywhere from a console to kitchen shelves, or even in the bathroom. Sleek and minimalistic. 

6. Pampas Natural Dried Grass & Vase

As a big lover of dried grasses, this is a lovely readymade arrangement. 40 pieces, which includes 3 different grasses, and a beautiful vase too. Get in on the dried grasses trend with this and pop it in any room of your house for an Insta-worthy decor look. 

7. Olaplex Hair Care

I don’t colour my hair often anyway but I am missing trips to the hairdressers. My hair is fine and I’m lusting over some long bob styles at the moment to give it volume. In the meantime, I still like to treat it, especially in winter. So, I had to add Olaplex on must-have Amazon products list (friends with highlighted locks swear by it)!

8. NEOM Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

A candle and skincare treatment in one! For a glorious pampering self-care day, burn this candle whilst having a long soak in the bath. Then, use the liquefied deliciousness to drizzle and massage all over the body. Includes jojoba, almond and baobab oils to treat your skin.

9. HAY Colour Crate

Danish brand Hay have produced these wonderfully useful colourful crates for storage. Pop under the bed or stack up high. Use in the kitchen, bedroom or office. The different tones on offer are so so pretty too! 

10. Firefly Lane

I’ve just finished watching the Netflix series of this book and it was wonderful. It follows the complex and stormy friendship between Tully and Kate. A real coming of age tear-jerker. Kicking off in the 70s we see them strike a unique bond that takes them into adulthood along some very bumpy roads. 

11.This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Take wellness to the next level and improve your sleep. This pillow spray is an award-winning natural sleep aid. It contains lavender and chamomile to help sooth and calm you into better sleep. So use it before bed by spritzing your pillow and fall into a dreamy slumber. 

12.Zebra Classic Rose Gold Ballpoint Pens

I love handwriting notes and lists still and I love stationary. I often craft my ideas down on paper rather than digital devices. Being a sucker for pretty things, these pens are both useful and stylish. I’ll pop them on my desk when I get it back after homeschooling ends!

13. Chilly’s Reusable Water Bottles

Stylish and sustainable – Chilly’s bottles are a fab BPA-free product. It doesn’t leak, keeps everything cold for 24 hours and is lightweight. I love the amazing array of colours and patterns to suit your personal taste. No more plastic water bottles for us!

14. Mindfulness Memory Jar 

This would make a wonderful gift, as well as something that I would love to do with my own family. Re-live and cherish memories. A great wellbeing activity focusing on those little moments of joy and happiness. Return to simpler times by penning notes on the little pieces of paper provided. When the jar is full, open it up and read them together. 

15. Method Wood Floor Cleaner

There is a cleaning product on my Another book recommendation on my must-have Amazon product list! Method produce lovely home cleaning products with the planet in mind. Having lots of wooden floors means that I can vouch for the delicious nutty scent of this. No wax, no toxins, smells great and leaves the floors looking new. 

16. DOKOT Natural Seagrass Belly Basket with Handles

I love these belly baskets. They look great with houseplants! You could try a Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) or Ficus lyrata (fiddle-leaf fig). Just pop a tray under the plant pot to keep the baskets dry. They also make great laundry baskets or toy storage. Small baskets can be used as storage for hiding laptop and phone chargers. 

17. Fire Pit

I’m already dreaming of those long summer evenings. Thinking of gorgeous nights with a glass of wine and cosy rug in front of this fire pit. It’s such a lovely way to provide warmth to your outdoor space. I can imagine toasting marshmallows with the kids or enjoying a date night on the patio with this. 

18. Ferm Living Black Flower Pot

Danish brand Ferm Living make the dreamiest of household items and textiles. This is my kind of plant pot – sleek and modern. Their pots come in a variety of sizes, cool shapes and on-trend colour ways. Choose from black, grey, red/brown, dark green, dusky pink or neutral tones. This one is in black and looks great in a monochrome garden. For outdoor or indoor use. 

19. Liberty Organic Wild Flowers Face Mask

I’ve been searching for pretty face masks to cheer me up for spring. And, there is no better place to look than Liberty for the prettiest of floral patterns. Without the skills needed to sew a fancy face mask, I was so pleased to find someone else has. These gorgeous 3 layered face masks in Liberty print fabric are made from 100% cotton.

20.V&A William Morris A5 Luxury Notebook

Having a lovely notebook on my desk to inspire creative ideas and plans for the year ahead is a must. I use my laptop all the time but I love to be able to use notebooks too. From the V&A collection, the cover is designed by the late great William Morris, featuring his signature flowers and foliage. This notebook is filled with high quality lined paper in a handy A5 size.

So here are my top 20 must-have Amazon products, which one was your favourite?

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