Top 3 Organisation Tips for the home

Organising, decluttering and tidying has been on my mind a lot recently. I want to go through our belongings and get our home in order and organised. Change things around and donate unwanted things away. Clear things out. This time of the year always feel like a great time to start fresh and clutter free. Having an organised home brings a sense of peace and calmness that helps us enjoy our surroundings and also makes concentrating work much easier.

In today’s post I wanted to give you my top three organisation tips to get you started decluttering your home!


The thought of trying to declutter your entire home can feel daunting and the sense of overwhelm usually makes us not wanting to even start. I think starting small when it comes to tackling the clutter is the best way, whether it’s one room, one cupboard or even one drawer. Getting started with something manageable will give you sense of accomplishment and taking on the next project might just be easier. Not that I always take my own advice here, but I also think it’s best to start and finish one space rather than going around the house pulling everything out, reorganising that might just feel too overwhelming. Get that one junk drawer (surely everyone has one?) cleaned out will give you the momentum to keep going.

Separate your items to KEEP, DONATE & TOSS PILES

When I go through a space, I have two or three separate containers to separate the items I no longer have use for. As I do decluttering regularly, I usually keep most things so I don’t need a box for ‘keeping’ items, just the ones that are going but if you are tackling a space with a ton of stuff you’ve not used for a while its also good idea to separate the items you want to keep. Having the items that need to get out of the house in boxes makes it super simple to pick up and either take somewhere to donate or recycle.

A place for EVERYTHING

Having adequate storage is the key for keeping your home tidy. It will be easier to keep your space organised if you give everything a proper place. After decluttering your space, before you put everything you are planning to keep back, make sure to think through where everything should live. Use of baskets, containers and jars, hooks on the walls, over the door hanging racks etc to help you keep things neat and tidy!

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