We have a moving date and it’s fast approaching!

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As you can see on the video, I’m so excited to have a moving back date pencilled in! It is really quite soon, and I’m not sure we’ll be able to get the house all ready for us but we can try! Kitchen and sliding doors won’t be in by the time we move back, but we can use our laundry room as a temporary kitchen to begin with.

Although the site was quiet for a good few weeks, quite a few things have changed since my previous house tours – you can watch part 1 in here and part 2 over here.

Why were we delayed?

So just a few weeks to go, and so much to do. We finally got (almost) all of our windows delivered last week. If you follow me on instagram, you have probably heard that we had massive issues with our first window supplier. After months of empty promises and waiting we decided to cut our losses and move somewhere else. Our windows are now from Panoramic group , and I would highly recommend them if you need new windows. Superb & quick service, and they’ve been so helpful on the phone throughout the process. Not to mention that we got all of our windows in just 3 weeks, which is nothing short of a miracle, and meant we could get on with the rest of the works and have a moving date in June.

Our three sets of sliding doors are all from ODC glass. Another company I would highly recommend from our experience so far. Great customer service and beautiful products, have a look at their website. After the disastrous experience with our first supplier, we have been so impressed and relieved to be working with professional people, who know what they are doing.

Next steps before moving date

You can watch the episode 2 of the moving vlogs here, things got rather stressful just a few days after this video!!

Once the house is watertight (we’ll have the doors boarded up), our builder is going to get on with the decorating. I can’t wait to share my paint colours with you, such an exciting stage of the project!

After decorators have finished the painting, the wood flooring can be installed. I absolutely love the wood floor we chose, it’s really beautiful, just what I wanted, but more about that later.

We’ll also have a temporary version of the laundry room ready, as budget or time doesn’t allow us to do it properly before we move back – but I’ll share what I have planned for that room soon!

moving date

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